RVs of the Future: The Latest RV Technology and Innovative Trends


When it comes to technological innovation, we have seen many technology updates installed in our home, gadgets, and even with cars like automotive cybersecurity. A lot of technology upgrades that seemed impossible in the past are now everywhere.

Every day, we hear that there’s a discovery on making things easier, seamless, and impeccable. We have known that there are home appliances that can send out a grocery list to an app that can shop, app-enabled car garages, just to name a few. All of these are not surprising anymore, and RVs are not an exemption.

We all know that many car manufacturers endlessly and tirelessly upgrade their units, such as popular car brands like Tesla and Ferrari. And for many RV manufacturers, skipping innovation is out of the table.

So, what are the latest technology trends we can now find in an RV? Do they have more to offer than a regular vehicle?

Big Leap of Technology Upgrade

In 2017, the latest innovative trend that many RV manufacturers focused on was getting their vehicles’ construction lightweight but with a more compact design and new configurations. RV manufacturers delivered it, and many consumers were pleased. It proves back then that lightweight RVs are gaining traction when it comes to sales.

Also, with the design innovations, RVs’ interior decor has taken on a more residential vibe. Bunkhouse models, which were not a thing before, are now popular trends in the RV. Lastly, new RV configurations made it more tech-savvy as Bluetooth connections and other smart app integration make it more attractive to the younger generation, who can’t be helped with their smartphones.

Now, RV manufacturers do not only focus on these upgrades. They are taking RV technology and innovation trends into new heights. We are now talking about lithium-ion batteries, helium technologies, off-grid capabilities, smart technology, and RVs designed to be more pet-friendly.

Let’s discuss this one by one.

Lithium-Ion Battery Powered RV

We are not blinded by the fact that lithium-ion batteries are expensive and require hefty investment if you plan to purchase one. However, we also know that lithium-ion batteries are efficient and simply amazing, not to mention that they offer efficient power-house compared to lead-acid batteries such as AGM.

There’s a lot of advantages that lithium-ion batteries can offer, and it’s the reason why many RV manufacturers are gearing toward associating these batteries to their latest released models.

If you’re planning to take out a new RV either through upfront cash or RV financing, take the leap in investing wisely by using lithium-ion batteries to your RV. We understand that it’s quite expensive, but in the long run, you’ll reap the benefits of it.

Fact: The warrant on lithium-ion batteries can last long- up to 10 years. Think of how much you can save with it.

Helium Technology

Helium technology is a process of utilizing light materials by using advanced manufacturing technologies to significantly reduce the RV’s weight. However, this process will not affect and won’t sacrifice the vehicle’s strength and cargo capacity.

Helium technology is a patented process, designed and created by the Keystone RV Company. With this process, it reduces the wear and tear of your RV tires and axles. Also, it’s a significant advantage for bigger rigs as it can increase fuel efficiency.

According to the Keystone RV Company, the helium technology can actually reduce up to 2,500 pounds of your total rig weight.

Off-Grid Capabilities

Make your dream of wandering off-grid come true as the latest RV models are now leaning on upgrading their off-grid capabilities. These RV latest designs are more equipped with solar technology to support customers fond of setting a camp in a far off distant area. Traditional homes are now powered with solar technology, and RVs are not taking anything less.

Off-grid models are now associated with heavy-duty off-road tires, lightweight, small, and are towable. They are now also equipped with solar capabilities and 12-volt appliances. Some campers even choose to purchase and install real monocrystalline solar panels on the roof for better efficiency and faster way to store solar energy while on the road.

Smart Technology

When it comes to smart technology, RV manufacturers are not taking less of what the current technology upgrades have. With the widespread use of technology, the smart technology association with RV is fast. It has become an integral part of the vehicle. The latest RV being released is now equipped with technology to offer comfort, increase the quality of life, and, more importantly, improve safety and driving experience.

Smart TVs such as touchscreens, incorporating app-enabled and WiFi connections, and GPS for better driving and navigation are now all seen in an RV. With the increased use of smart technology, many RV manufacturers remind their clients to always protect it from the cybersecurity issue. For this reason, always take in mind any countermeasures to protect your onboard systems.

Pet-Friendly Vehicle

Going on a weekend camping with your furbabies is a travel goal for many pet lovers. Thankfully, this time, RVs are now designed to be more pet-friendly. Many campers now have an interior integration that supports consumers who would like to take a trip with their furry-tailed loved ones.

The latest rigs are now designed with retractable food and water stations, leash hooks on the door, and even pet beds and spaces for kennels. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore about leaving your furbabies at home or having someone look after them. With the new RV innovation, they can come and join the fun with you.


Getting on a whole new lifestyle is like living a whole new world, which happens in living in an RV. But with the endless innovation and technology upgrades, living in an RV has become more fulfilling and a new experience for anyone. And now that there are more innovations, it’s expected that more interested individuals will seek to try living uniquely. Who knows, as we are slowly moving to a new millennium, we might have RVs hovering above the ground.

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