Automotive Trends You Should Expect to See by 2021


The world today is going through a radical revolution. Technology is at the core of all these changes, as you would have guessed. And the automotive industry is no exception from these changes and developments. In fact, it is one of the sectors changed to its core. From insurance to manufacturing all industries connected to automotive have evolved enormously in the past several years. But 2021 seems to bring more changes and trends. Thanks to Big Data, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, the automotive sector looks nothing like we used to. And people are more than happy about it!

If you want to be one of those people that know everything moving in a sector, keep reading below.

Extensive use of Automotive software management tools

Because software management tools have become a standard for companies all over the world, big automotive players couldn’t be missing out on this opportunity.

Automotive software management tools offer a generous package of features that help companies handle their operations more successfully. AI-driven marketing, inspections, digital forms and employee schedulers, these are all part of the generous features offered by similar software. These systems offer multiple packages into one and they can help ventures in the sector get a better understanding of their operations.

  • A main desktop app– here the company has access to their whole database, from technical information to customer data. Every information present here can be deleted, updated and accessed by all authorized users.
  • Technical app – here is available all technical information relevant to the business. From employee scheduling features to invoice generation and inspection reports, everything can be managed from this interface.
  • Customer interface – reputable automotive manufacturers offer their clients access to a complete database from there they can schedule maintenance appointments through a booking plugin or a similar software, access their invoices and see the status of the interventions they book.

Cloud computing and Big data have blessed the automotive industry to move to the next-generation technology. Tools such as QuickBooks Hosting have been adopted by most of the automotive business owners to manage their accounting and finance efficiently with the help of certified CPA`s. Learn more about other useful team collaboration tools with Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite.

Usage-based insurance packages

In 2021, we should expect to see more usage-based insurance packages reaching the market. With the rise of sensors, the modern car knows a lot about the driver. Their driving patterns, behavior, and driving incidents.

Car users that are willing to offer insurers access to their data can enjoy personalized packages.

Obviously, well-behaved drivers are more likely to get those at better rates, while chaotic drivers’ insurance packages might experience raises and led advantageous rates.

Today, thanks to AI and sensors, insurance companies can measure how far a vehicle is driven in a certain amount of time, hard breaking frequency, airbag deployment and areas where the vehicle is most frequently driven to.

Usage-based insurance packages now reflect the reality more accurately than traditional products could ever do. And, according to players in the field, the new pricing method will dominate 2020. All this, even thoughusers were previously reluctant to these methods. However, with rising awareness, in the next five years, more than 20% of the vehicles in the US will incorporate a form of usage-based insurance package.

Self-driving cars

The self-driving car is the future. And, according to this Medium article, the future is now.Thanks to cutting-edge localization technology like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 5G, self-driving vehicles are a reality.We will start to encounter more vehicles of this kind on roads all over the world. Considering the fact that more than 90% of accidents today are caused by driving errors, self-driving cars might be able to lower those numbers and reduce the fatality numbers.

These systems use AI technology and offer superior driving experiences to the owners. Although the road to fully autonomous vehicles is a long one, people can expect big advancements in the following months. For instance, Waymo is a company with a series of self-driving cars in its portfolio, all these accounting for more than 10 million miles driven in similar conditions.

Let’s hope all regulations and restrictions will be also lifted by the next year, so we can all enjoy a hassle-free driving session from time to time.

Tracking and monitoring tools

All cars need a little love from time to time, and because of this reason, vehicle health tracking tools are now a reality. Thanks to a large number of sensors incorporated on vehicles today, companies in the industry have started to request for proposal software development from software development players. This is how reputable tracking and monitoring apps and toolshelp drivers and car owners take better care of their property. Such systems are fully equipped to meet driver’s emergencies, including in case of a car accident, and they are fully prepared to call for help and offer exact coordinates of their locations when doing so. Needless to say, these software systems are ready to save drivers’ lives in unprecedented ways.

Electric cars

In terms of automation, electrification and interconnectivity, electric vehicles are the next best trend we will see evolving furthermore in 2021. All this, thanks to higher concerns in regards to global pollution and climate change. The main advantages offered by electric cars are the following.

  • They are more economical than regular cars. Unlike traditional vehicles, an electric car’s engine experiences little war when in function. With reduced servicing needs and maintenance costs, electric vehicles might be a more suitable choice for those searching for more affordable options.
  • They are practical. Since these vehicles don’t have a gearbox, clutch and other similar parts, they are more practical for drivers with little experience.
  • They don’t pollute. Electricity is friendlier on the environment than gas will ever be. Thanks to the innovative technology incorporated in these vehicles, all drivers can bring their fair contribution to lowering CO2 emissions in a facile manner.

These are only some of the ways the automotive industry will change in the following months. Although these trends have existed for a while now, in 2021, they will be embraced by a larger number of automotive players and their clients as well. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the above and make sure you keep up with the latest trends in this intricate industry.

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