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Driving enables you to enjoy the freedom of the road, the capability to explore the country and of course, to be the boss. But just like all other good things, this one also comes with its share of burdens. It includes ensuring that your IFTA taxes are paid on time and in full while keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance, invoicing plans after recording miles driven and completing dispatches, and last but not least, maintaining your logbook.

Trucking software simplifies tiresome tasks and grueling paperwork like filing form 2290 before the due date. It is designed to offer the trucking companies tools to manage such maintenance and dispatch operations with automation. This software assists you in enjoying everything you love about your work.

Tax-filing and other such tasks are just humongous. They may sometimes make you feel that you are focussing and investing time on paperwork more than your actual job. Here comes the need for the best trucking management software.

What is a Trucking Management System (TMS)?

Trucking management software helps businesses enhance their customer experience, service quality, and delivery profitability significantly. Not just that, a modern TMS also comes to the aid of enterprises to identify the downtime and gaps accurately in their entire process of logistics.

Today’s customers do not want to compromise or settle for anything less than the safe and timely deliveries of their products every time.

Naturally, to keep up with the rising expectations and demands of the customers, logistics companies have to offer the best possible delivery experience to the customers consistently.

By opting for a reliable TMS, logistics companies move one step closer to the direction which ensures timely deliveries. In the same way, it also helps these companies reduce cost concerns that arise out of logistics operations that are inefficient.

Top Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Trucking Management Software

Here are some of the features that outline the perfect TMS, and these should help you select the suitable one for your logistics business.

  • Facilitate Optimization of Route – The efficiency of the trucking business is directly proportional to the route selected to perform a specific task. There will be no future regrets if you opt for the conventional mode of going with the shortest distance. The TMS you choose should help you detect that.
  • Auto Allocation of Trucks/ Fleets – One of the main reasons to go for a TMS is to get the excess workforce cost reduced in your daily operations. It must assist you in addressing those needs professionally with the help of automated allocation of the upcoming task to the nearest suitable driver or fleet.
  • Storage of Data with Detailed Analytics – The ideal trucking management software helps you smart track all the analytical reports and systematically store them. Therefore at the time of requirement, these reports can be accessed very easily. Simply speaking, a smart TMS can help replace the paper files with digital ones while facilitating easy accessibility.
  • Documented Digital Delivery Proof and Generation of Invoices – Customers should always be prioritized, and it should be the first goal for any customer-centric business. The right TMS often comes with an extension to offer an e-signature as proof of the order receipt. This also enables you to have a rooted delivery proof. Most trucking software facilitates automated invoice generation. It is the most innovative way to reduce the burden of piled-up documents for your logistics business.
  • Real-Time Notification– The right trucking software empowers you to track and be updated about each movement of your fleet. You can get regular notifications through it. Even your drivers and customers can be looped in and get notified of the same in real-time.
  • Management of Freight Forwarding – A complete TMS suite is required by any business that has witnessed some growth. Such a suite helps you to meet the increased demands of your logistics. One of the smart features of TMS is freight forwarding. It allows you to keep track and control how your fleet moves. The analytical calculations decide the location and route in that case.
  • Dispatch Software – The right TMS, with the complete access of all the orders, plays a pivotal role in making sure the fleet or truck is dispatched at the right time. It provides insight to streamline the process of dispatch systematically.

These are some of the must-have features that your chosen trucking management software must possess. Only then can you get your operational tasks from dispatching to the filing of form 2290 sorted comprehensively without any hassle.

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