Best Used 4-Wheelers for Beginners


If cost is a concern, you can always opt for more affordable used quads, or rent one on a vacation, when it comes to ATV riding Las Vegas is becoming increasingly popular. It is especially useful for beginning riders, as it gives you a chance to get the hang of the vehicle and decide for yourself if this is what you want to pursue in the years to come. Below is the list of the most popular used quads available on the market. You can choose the one that suits your needs and customize it with accessories to enhance the overall performance of the vehicle.

Honda Recon 250

Despite the size, this versatile and rugged ATV offers impressive performance on rough trails. Although the rider can squeeze out a maximum of 80 kph, the vehicle is not designed for speed. This is a utility quad which means it can accomplish a variety of jobs in an agricultural context. It is powered by a 229cc air-cooled engine. Its compact size allows the rider to maneuver through tight spaces. The vehicle is equipped with front and rear steel racks which can haul up to 15 and 30 kg of load, respectively. Hauling capacity can be improved by installing an ATV cargo box. This model is perfect for beginning riders who wish to grasp the basics of operating an off-road vehicle and get a variety of jobs done.

Kawasaki Bayou 250

It is a simple machine with much function and value. Whether you use it for recreational purposes or for doing chores on the farm, this vehicle will certainly excel in any type of task you require it to accomplish. At the heart of this workhorse is a 228cc air-cooled engine. Steel racks at the front and at the rear carry up to 50 kg, and the amount of load the quad can tow is as much as 205 kg. Bayou 250 has just enough power for beginning riders to do light utility work, while not being too complex to operate.

Suzuki Ozark 250

This four-wheeler can easily get around large swaths of property and combines the best qualities of utility and sport quads. Powered by a 246cc engine, the vehicle starts at the touch of a button. Besides front and rear steel racks, the model comes equipped with a 4 liters underseat storage compartment. If this is not enough for stowing items, the rider can upgrade the vehicle by installing a front ATV box. The two-wheel-drive model is stable and promotes confidence in the driver, just beginning to handle multiple terrains.

Honda Sport Trax 250

This is a sport-style ATV designed for entry-level motor enthusiasts. It is powered by a reliable 229cc air-cooled engine. With a total dry weight of 158 kg, the quad is easy to maneuver even for inexperienced riders. The machine’s fuel capacity of 10 liters allows the rider to have fun on trails from morning till night.

Suzuki Quadsport 250

Along with Honda Sport Trax 250, this model is the best choice for riders new to quads, who look for some ways of getting into recreational motorsport. A 10.6 liters fuel capacity allows the rider to stay on the trail for hours without having to refuel. There is just enough power to get the hang of what a sport-style quad is like and have fun operating the vehicle. Plus, if you need a little more kick, installing a few deviant race parts can easily do the job!

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