Blow Them Away: The 7 Best Air Horns for Trucks in 2021

When it comes to air horns for trucks, look no further than these 7 that are guaranteed to blow the rest out of the water. Make sure to equip and ride in style.

Amongst the rumble and roar of cars, the thunder of a massive truck can carry a lot of weight and for good reason.

For both safety and style, air horns for trucks have gotten more advanced and powerful. People are becoming more and more distracted on the road. The clear sound of a good truck horn may be what saves you or someone else’s life.

What are the best air horns in 2021? Come check them out!

1. DS18 Dual Horns

These train horns are a great case of simplicity and honed purpose. They are sleek, straight forward, and as loud as the standard train horn, if not louder.

They come with a nice chrome finish and dual compressors, either in electric or standard.

2. WOLO 847

The WOLO 847 truck horns are a trio of horns that install in a nice and easy manner without losing any punch once mounted.

Their sleek and stylish design makes them look nice in any setup. Their horn is efficient and loud, keeping up its purpose for a great all-around product.

3. Vixen Horns

Vixen horns are a great example of power you don’t have to overpay for.

Made with durable stainless steel and outputting a very respectable 125 decibels, these horns are great out on the road without feeling extreme.

4. Viking Horns

For sheer power, both in overall sound and sustainability, there is few better than Viking horns.

The Viking horns come fit with a 1-gallon air tank for long and powerful use. They can crank out a few extra decibels over the competition, making them some of the most durable and loud horns on the market.

5. The Macro Extreme

For those who don’t care about keeping within the limits of normal, the Macro Extreme is the monster of a horn for you.

The Macro Extreme is sturdy in construction and rather insane in volume at a potent 147 decibels. If you need certainty that people can hear you and accept no substitutions, this may be the power you need.

6. Grand Central

Grand Central makes items that fit the Grand in its name. Built with a sturdy base and material, Grand Central’s truck horns are a measure in quality.

The triple horn set up can combine to a potent sound. The stable and rust-free design can handle almost any punishment.

7. Zone Tech 12V

Durable, lightweight, and potent, the Zone Tech 12V truck horn has a little bit of everything.

While it has a single air horn, the focused quality of the single horn makes for a satisfying and clean sound. The metallic finish is of high quality and adds a proper shine and class to the horn.

Air Horns for Trucks: The Takeaway

Understanding the need and designs of good air horns for monster trucks is essential to keeping you safe and stylish out on the road.

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