Building a Better Ride: 10 Must-Have Truck Accessories and Modifications


10 Must-Have Pickup Truck Accessories and Modifications

Interested in upgrading your ride? Here are ten of the greatest pickup truck accessories and modifications you need to get for your ride.

If you are a truck enthusiast or owner, then you probably understand that the manufacturer does not always account for all your trucking needs, be it going off-road or carrying a certain amount of weight. There is always a need for certain modifications for people to upgrade their trucks. However, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you need or where to start.

Here are ten of the greatest pickup truck accessories and modifications you need to get for your ride.

1. Better Tires

Tires are one of the essential truck add ons you are going to need. When you purchase your car from the shop, the kind of terrain the trucks will have to endure is not always considered.

Tire upgrades improve the quality of your off-road drive. They not only reduce the chances of tire failure, but they also provide you with better traction while driving.

Size doesn’t really matter here. Even though a taller tread will give you better clearance, you need not overwork your suspension.

2. Shocks Upgrade

While driving on rough terrain, the shocks aren’t always working within their design limits. Shocks manufacturers determine the size of the shocks and valving by estimating the truck weight and the additional weight that can be added on. However, upgrading tires and adding other accessories could tire out your shocks, causing them to heat up faster and result in eventual failure for the whole system.

Consider upgrading your shocks to something with a larger piston and piston rod that dissipates heat more effectively.

3. Filtration

The air going in and out of your truck affects your vehicle in several ways. With all the off-road activity you will do, the truck needs to get enough clean air to allow for filtration; otherwise, the engine will suffer.

The truck is also susceptible to taking in dirty air, which will cause damage to the combustion. Upgrading your intake and filter will reduce intake by clearing out the path of airflow to the intake system. Some upgrades come with washable and reusable filters that improve the overall intake system.

While improving the intake filter is a must-have truck add on, it is virtually useless if not paired with an equally effective exhaust. When the exhaust doesn’t work properly, it could limit the performance of the truck as well as fuel consumption. However, an upgrade would reduce backpressure and turbulence, giving your truck more power overall.

A reduction in the number of bends in the filtration system allows for an overall improved performance off the road.

4. Suspended Animation

Trucks bought straight from the dealership come with a limited ground clearance, which is relatively low. This causes problems with departure angles and trying to fit larger tires. However, a suspension lift will fix this problem and directly improve approach, clearance, and departure.

An alternative for the suspension lift is getting a leveling kit which is easy to use and very affordable. It works by lifting the front of the truck, thus improve the approach angle.

5. Take a Brake

As the truck continues to receive upgrades, the brakes cannot have the same capacity to control your vehicle. This then becomes a safety issue that must be dealt with. If your truck has rear drum brakes, then you can get rear discs that give you a significant increase in brake force.

If you already have disc brakes all around you can get rotors and calipers to help improve the brake system.

6. Lighting Pickup Truck Accessories

When driving off the road at night, you’re going to need multiple upgrades to your truck’s lighting system to maximize your vision on all the possible hazards that could be lurking at every corner. There are lighting kits that provide adequate lumination allowing you an excellent view of your entire perimeter. Lighting upgrades are solely dependent on your budget, so be sure to find something that works best for you.

7. Protect the Body

Many trucks do not come with enough protection from the different situations on the road, especially for the underbody. When your underbody is unprotected from rocks or stumps, it could cause damage to areas such as the transmission pan and rocker panels leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. An upgrade allows for protection of the underbody parts, therefore, reducing the chances of road elements such as rocks and mud interfering with your driving.

8. Bull Bar

You never know what kind of obstacles you are going to meet when you are driving off-road. Sometimes you can go around these obstacles, but other times you might have to go straight through them. The bull bar also referred to as a brush guard is a cool truck accessory that protects the front end of your car as you go through grass or bushes.

Bullbars keep the bonnet and bumper of your truck looking good regardless of the tough terrains the truck sometimes has to endure.

9. Bed Liner

A great way to protect your truck bed and equipment is to get a bed mat. This bed protector offers impact resistance while protecting the truck from scratches and stains from spills. Feel free to contact an industry leader for more details on how to equip your truck with the best bed liner suitable for your needs.

10. Roof Rack

You’ll find yourself needing to transport a load on your truck, but then you might not have the space for it inside the truck. A roof rack will help fix this problem by providing you with storage space for any bulky or extra load. The roof rack may not be an accessory designed to improve the truck’s performance, but its value might come in handy.

Don’t Hesitate to Upgrade

Now that you have this guide, you are ready to equip your vehicle with the best pickup truck accessories to fit your trucking needs. If your local terrain is characterized by rocky mountains or muddy landscapes, you now know what to look out for when you feel the need to bolster your truck with a unique upgrade.

Keep reading our blog for more news and information on the latest trends on cool truck accessories.


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