Top 5 Best Ways to Sell Your Used Car Right Now

Selling your used car to a dealership is not your only option. Keep reading for top 5 best ways to sell your used car right now.

Need a quick sale? Put your pedal to the metal and read on. Give your creativity a bit of a jump start with some fresh ideas about how to get cash for one of your most valuable assets.

We’re here to steer you through the best ways to sell your used car. Start up the engine and let’s get going.

1. An Online ‘Cash for Cars’ Specialist

Companies like these will often buy a car in any condition. You can usually submit the vehicle’s details for an instant sell car quote. We highly recommend using companies, such as Motor Buyer, as their main slogan “we buy any cars” signifies their willingness to purchase vehicles in any condition, whether they are damaged, old, or have high mileage. This can be a convenient option for those who are looking to sell their car quickly and without any hassle. Additionally, companies like Motor Buyer typically handle the paperwork and transportation of the vehicle, making the selling process even more convenient for the seller. What’s more, the company does the hard work for you by picking up the car and sorting out the documentation.

If you’ve been waiting around too long to find a buyer, this could be your best option. If the car’s about to need to a service then even better. You’ve offloaded some costly bills on to someone else.

2. Sell Your Used Car Privately

Selling a car directly to another person is likely to make you the most money. You need to be prepared to invest some time and effort though. Establish the market value of the car and set a realistic selling price.

Advertise on Craiglist and through online car magazines. Be upfront about the car’s condition and repair history. Make sure your insurance covers you in case a buyer wants a test drive.

3. Sell to a Specialist

In a similar way to online companies that buy any cars, there are specialists with offices and garages who could make you an offer. Unlike dealers, they tend to only specialize in buying cars.

They’ll give you an appraisal and offer you a price to purchase the vehicle from you. This takes about thirty minutes but the appraisal is usually valid for a week. That gives you time to try and secure a private sale in the meantime.

4. Head for an Auction

This is fast and fairly easy. You can set a reserve price. If the car doesn’t reach this then the worst that can happen is that you’ll have to drive it home.

You may have to pay a small fee to enter the car into the auction. If the car sells, then the winning bidder has to give you the sale price minus the auctioneer’s commission straight away.

5. Enter an Online Auction

Make life even easier by selling your car through an online auction. Simply advertise your car on the relevant site with a full description and photos, and then click to make the auction ‘live’.

There may well be charges like insertion fees or final value fees based on the selling price. As with a private sale, you must make sure you specify the details of the car accurately so as not to mislead buyers.

Walk Away with More Cash in Your Pocket

Selling your car can be quick and easy. If your vehicle’s seen better days then an online site that offers instant cash could be the quickest route to sell your used car.

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