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We like to capture anything we like to feel important or special. Photography is important enough while we want to remember a moment with the event details. Thair has a saying that, “ “A picture can say a thousand words”. In this modern technology, who doesn’t like photography? Taking photos of cars is undoubtedly an interesting task. To the car dealers, it’s more important to attract all fancy customers.

Car is a wonderful machine to make some memorable & sharable captures. It has become an indispensable part of our life; with the help of gps, we can reach anywhere. We just need a car tripod for phone so that we can conveniently have a look at the map while driving. When you like photography, car photography will be the best topic. To create a surprising look of car photography you need to follow some professional tricks to get the best output. Give a little bit more effort & thought to capture some proud worthy car photography by itself.

Tips & Tricks to pick the best Car Photography

Automobiles convey a lot of meaning. This invention represents freedom & adventure. In some car photography albums, we can see driving cars, soothing background or motion car photography, and many more. It’s nothing just to follow some guidelines & keep steady with those.

Pick the best time of the day for a car Photoshoot

Best photography sometimes depends on the best moment of the day. But maximum people make this common mistake. They don’t know when they need to photoshoot cars. The few minutes after or before the sunset is the best counting moment for car photoshoots. This soft light will give you an attractive paint-like outlook with a perfect shot.

Color of the Car

Different color cars react with different time daylight. But the maximum colors or painted cars hate direct sunlight. In some rare cases, you will find that they really work amazing in direct sunlight. The cars colored with baby blue or off white or light brown can make a great shot in the midday sunlight.

Use the right camera and lens

Many people are confused about which brand camera is best for car photography? Because nowadays many companies produce various types and features cameras. Generally, professional photographers used Sony, Nikon, and Canon full-frame DSLR cameras. Now the question is which lens is best for car photography? If you have a Nikon camera you choose Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens or Nikon AF S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G Fixed Lens, for the canon camera, you can pick Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM or Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM Wide-Angle Lens and Sony camera you can pick Sony – FE 24-105mm F4 lens.

Nighttime photography

The first time you may think that it’s a daunting task to take a photo. You can’t believe how easy & amazing work it will be. Find Out a place where it will be totally dark. But the street light or the full moon can make it more tricky. After getting this type of place, set a camera with a tripod.  Fix your ISO to 100& the shutter speed – 30 seconds, then aperture to f/9.

Open up the shutter with a strong constant source of light. Walkthrough the car & take a light shot at home. Use a normal torchlight to focus on the portion. Here you have no rules to take a shot. You can change the car paint to get different light reactions.

Interact with nature

Sometimes we can feel that the photo is speaking. To get this touchy type photograph you should interact the cars with the surrounding nature. If you are worried about the dust that will spoil the laziness of the car then you will lose a great chance to capture a nice photoshoot of your car. At the time of climb over a rock, G- glass AMG drifting on the sand & loose, or cross over a short distance canal with shallow water will create a nice view with the high-speed crossing.

Motion blur

Capturing motion always presents a great outlook picture. If it comes with the car’s photoshoot, it will be great. Something like the car picture is standing & the roads are going to the next. Drive the car past you & follow that car with your lens. Set the shutter speed 125th a second. Now see how easy it is to take this smooth shot. Drive the car roughly 60 km/h or 40miles/hr. Then set the shutter speed 125th to take the capture.

Defocusing the background

This is a bokeh technique to highlight your subject. Set the settings of the aperture f/2.8, f/4 & compensation for the best brightening image. Boost up the shutter speed. If you are able to capture it at the right angle or right way, it will be a piece of an amazing artistic image.

Surprise people

In some cases, the direct straight middle shot can be surprising. There is a chance to create something noble. During the holiday season with some extra lighting, you can take a nice shot. It may take 20 laps around the blocks. It can be great fun depending on the environment also.

Think About Photo Storage

 So you’ve taken a bunch of epic photos but now the question is “where to store them?”. A lot of people store them online but realistically they’ll look better in print. That’s why you should consider using high-quality photo books to store your work. If you ever wanted to share your work with a potential employer or even wanted to showcase the best of what you can do, then physical photo albums and photo books are the way forward. You can use one album per project, or even mix and match. They also make for a brilliant way to deliver work to a client. If you’re taking high-resolution images of vehicles, or anything for that matter, the photos always look better in print.

Final thought

Cars photography is always interesting & adventurous to photo lovers. They can go miles for miles to take an amazing shot. But all of those activities will fall to the ground if they don’t follow this basic guideline. The flash out, camera angles, taking away the distractions, right-click positions are the basic stages of using a camera perfectly. Except these all, you will get more tips or techniques to make your car photography an amazing look. The more you will do the more you will learn.

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