Different types of Motor vehicle insurance for your cars


There exist thousands of uncertainties because of which you need to protect yourself and your car. The insurance policies come with multiple benefits. They pay for damages, reducing your liability by covering you against the damages caused by accidents made by you. 

Accidents result in severe physical injuries. Some of the insurance companies will bear the hospitalization expenses. Even in case of the demise of the car owner, they will compensate your family. 

Benefits vary from one motor vehicle insurance company to another. The major types of insurance are given below.

Comprehensive insurance

Most of the insurance schemes generally cover one or two events. But, a comprehensive car insurance policy gives you coverage for multiple incidents or events regardless of the fault. 

Among all the insurance schemes, comprehensive car insurance offers its users the maximum coverage and minimizes the out-of-pocket expenses if any uncertainty is caused to the car. 

It not only takes care of your car but also compensates in case any damage is done to other property or vehicles. In Australia, if you are looking for comprehensive car insurance, you can visit fundamentalinsurancebrokers.com.au/car-insurance/

This insurance type covers damage caused to the car, malicious damage, vehicle-theft, weather damage, and collision. Based on the insurance policy, it may also cover the damages caused to other cars.

CTP insurance

CTP or Compulsory Third-Party insurance is usually paid during the registration of the car. It is compulsory, just like your vehicle’s registration. This insurance policy offers its users financial support in case the user’s car is the reason behind other people’s death or injury in Australia. 

But, if the accident’s entire fault is yours, you cannot make a claim. However, in most cases, both drivers become responsible for happening. If you are still not sure, you either can lodge a claim or directly talk to the insurer of the other car’s driver describing him or her the entire accident. 

If a child is under 16 years of age in Australia, the CTP insurance scheme provides money for the child’s care, reasonable treatment, and support. 

Damage to property, injury, or death caused in a road race and damages for a single-car accident is not covered under the CTC insurance scheme. If you suffer from lifelong injuries, you may avail of the help under LSS or Lifetime Support Scheme. 

But, before that, you need to make sure that you are eligible for this scheme. Or else, you can also lodge a CTC claim if it was not your fault.

Fire and theft only

While using a car, it must be kept in mind about all types of uncertainties. Because based on these uncertainties, the insurance policies need to be considered. But, the fire and theft only insurance is cheaper than most of the insurance types and offers limited coverage. 

It will offer you coverage if your vehicles get theft or if it undergoes fire damage. In case your vehicle encounters a collision, you will not be able to lodge any claim. 

For fire, you could claim insurance if it is an accidental outbreak of fire or if someone intentionally put your vehicle on fire. 

Before claiming the insurance, you need to report the criminal act to the police station and get the crime number for quoting it to the insurance provider. Not only can you lodge a claim if your car is stolen, but also in case your car gets damaged for attempted theft.

Third-party property only

This type of insurance offers coverage to the vehicles that are damaged by the vehicle of the policyholder. This insurance comes to use when your vehicle hits another car. No one can measure the damage level caused by accidents. 

The accident may lead to severe injury or even death when there is no place left for you to compromise or complain. But, you must know that the own vehicle of the policyholder is not covered by this insurance policy. 

This policy is generally taken by the consumers having a low-value vehicle. It protects them against the damages they cause to other drivers or motorists. If the owner of the car is at fault, it gives coverage against death or physical injuries, or property damage of third parties.

Collision coverage

Accidents can bring heavy damages to your car. It means that you need to spend money on repairing your vehicle from your pocket whatever the current value of your vehicle is. 

If you took a subscription for the collision coverage policy, it would bear all of your repair expenses that are caused by accident. There are often cases when the repair cost exceeds the vehicle’s present-day market value. In situations like this, the insurance company will offer you the car’s present-day market value. This subscription must be taken, based on the car’s age. In the case of a new car, you must make sure that the collision coverage is included while purchasing an insurance policy. 

If a lien exists on your car, collision coverage is a must-have. If your vehicle is old, the collision cover can be seen below.


Imagine, if somebody loses his or her life or heavy damage is caused to the property, one needs to bear all of the heavy expenses alone to pay-off. 

But, the people who have subscribed for a car insurance policy do not need to bother, as the insurance company will bear all of the unexpected expenses. Car insurance is not only necessary for oneself or one’s car, but it also protects the other co-travellers from unforeseen accidents.


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