Do You Want to Sell Your Car? 3 Ways to Get Quick Cash for Your Old Vehicle


There are many reasons why you would want to sell your car. Maybe your trusted old reliable companion no longer serves your needs as comfortably as before. It may be that your family has expanded, and you have to huddle your four kids uncomfortably in the two backseats for a cranky road trip to Disney. Maybe your paycheck has upgraded and now you also want a new set of wheels.

Whatever the reason, selling your car has become the next best option, and it can often seem daunting as you look for where to begin the process from. Especially since you may meet with people who would like to defraud you and have you underprice the car. Well, we’ve got you covered with these three sure bet ways to sell your car this year:

Dealerships- Check their website

The selling of your car may be a process where you want to make the most by getting the best deal, or you simply want to get the car out of your possession. Whichever the case, when you want to sell my car, a car dealership is usually a good first place to start your sales journey from. As the pandemic creates a feeling of instability among the masses, many are choosing to hold on to their cars and the resulting decrease in second-hand cars can work to your advantage while negotiating.

Before you can negotiate, however, you will need to know the exact value of your car, and this can be done using online sites and considering other local factors. Be honest to yourself and the car dealer about the true value of the car so that there is no unmet expectation that may sour the deal. If the car has any major problems with it, you should also get them fixed or disclose them when trying to sell my car.

 Craigslist- sell yourself

The process for selling my car on craigslist has some correlation to that of selling in a car dealership except that now the exchange is on the craigslist platform. Once you have the estimated market value of your car, set up a detailed craigslist ad for your car. To attract buyers, be sure to include as much information as possible in the ad.

The details on the ad will include the make and the model of your car, the engine size, and the mileage as together with the type and state of the upholstery. Don’t leave out any issues your car may have but also include any other extra features that may be in the car to boost chances of sales happening. Photos are also a big part of making your ad successful so add a lot of them.

Eventually, you will find potential buyers for your car and you will go to meet them. Since the interest still creeps in some dangerous people, take the necessary precautions when meeting up such as going with a friend and meeting in a public place. Have your necessary paperwork ready in case the buyer would like to seal the deal immediately.

Use an online marketplace

As it is with selling your car on craigslist, selling on online marketplaces will need you to have a lot of picture references. This way your potential buyers can get a good look at what the car looks like from all possible angles. The advantage of these online marketplaces when you want to sell my car is that you get the opportunity to reach a very wide array of people.

You also get to check on your listings as often as you need to and update the descriptions where necessary.  What’s more, you can choose to upload or use more than one site for faster results,


The need to sell your car is certainly well-taken care of through these physical and virtual methods. As you go out to meet potential buyers, be sure to check your expectations while also looking out for dodgy buyers. Sell your car at the right price so that the old companion goes away in peace.

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