Five Great Reasons to Choose a Minibus Over a Car


As the price of cars on the second-hand market continues to surge, finding a cheap deal on a smaller vehicle is getting harder and harder. Since you’re spending the money anyway, you might want to broaden your horizons with regard to choosing your next vehicle; why not a minibus? Granted, minibuses are a little more expensive to run than cars – but they can also be a lot more useful. Find out if a minibus could well be right for you, and see what advantages they have over cars along the way!


Accessibility is perhaps the best possible reason for you to consider a minibus over a car. If you or any loved ones struggle with mobility, minibuses afford excellent facilities for easy boarding and comfort – including step free access, handrails and movable seating. No more uncomfortable shuffling into a cramped rear passenger seat!

Room for Activities

You might not think of a minibus first if you’re after a vehicle with large storage space – but choosing a minibus to buy could be a versatile alternative to buying an SUV or small van. The seats can often be easily removed, or even partially removed – allowing you to do what you like with the free storage space you have left. And even if you don’t often need to shuttle a large number of folks from A to B, having that extra seating spare gives you the option on the rare occasion you might need it.

Minibus Life

A minibus can be more than just a vehicle. Many have taken to converting minibuses and vans to mobile homes, complete with kitchen, double bed and even wood-fired stoves! Rather than spending thousands on costly refits, you could do still do something perhaps a little more practical than creating a house in your minibus – for example, removing some seats, and installing a camp-bed, camping stove and bedding for an instant holiday vehicle, enabling you to travel to beautiful locations and stay there at the drop of a hat.

King of the Road

Minibuses command presence on the road, owing to the long wheelbase and high cockpit. You might find yourself driving a little bolder – and receiving a little more room at the same time. The high driving position also gives you additional safety on the road, as a result of increased visibility and improved stature with regard to larger vehicles like articulated lorries.

The Potential for Extra Cash

A minibus also affords you the opportunity to pick up a little extra money on the side. You could join the boom in taxi service registrations, and choose your hours around your other work for a substantial injection of additional cash – or you could utilise the additional space in the back to start up a portable business in line with your passion, such as street food or mobile DJing.

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