History of the Chrysler Car Emblem


Chrysler is known to be one of the three big automobile producers in the United States.  The original Chrysler company was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925. Chrysler emerged when the Maxwell Motor Company was restructured as the Chrysler Corporation. The company was acquired by Daimler-Benz in 1998 and it was renamed to DaimlerChrysler. Since then, Chrysler became one of the world’s most trusted car brands. And since the company’s history changed through the years, it is not surprising that the Chrysler emblem went through a lot of modifications over the years.

Chrysler is also known as one of the world’s whimsical brand, the constant change in their logo was not because of a lack of ideas, marketing strategies, or indecisiveness. Instead, it is because of perfectionism and their dedication for improvement. Let’s get to know more about their emblem and how it came to be.


The first Chrysler emblem was seen on the Chrysler Six car model in 1924. The emblem was designed by Oliver Clark which became an instant hit and probably the most recognizable Chrysler logo in the history of all the Chrysler logo. Since then, their emblem has gone through a lot of modifications in the 1950s, the 1980s, the 1990s, and in the late 2000s. The changes on the emblem ranged from minor changes to full-fledged redesigns. And with many changes, the emblem even became completely unrecognizable at some point.

The first element you will notice in the Chrysler emblem is the silver wings. It is said that the Chrysler wings were an outward reference to the Roman god, Mercury who is known for his speed and reliability in sending messages. Which means that the Chrysler wings symbolize quality and speed.

The Chrysler logo from 1955 to 1961 featured the lion coat of arms symbolizes their engines. Because back then, the Chrysler engines were nicknamed the “Golden Lion 413”. That’s why they decided the inside joke and officially made the golden lion sigil their logo.

The Pentastar was picked out of seven hundred different proposals which were all sent by the Lynn Townsend company directors. The Pentastar emblem had no secret meaning or symbolism, it just simply portrayed a five-pointed star. Fans of the brand say that it is the most corporatist company logo.

The emblem has evolved into many different shapes over the years, sporting a crown, a golden lion coat of arms, and eventually settling on the long silver wings with their name in the middle. But after being taken over by Fiat, the automotive company temporarily attempted to popularize the Pentastar logo for more than just corporatist purposes. But they still decided to settle with the current Chrysler logo which featured the elongated wings and their name in the middle. Despite being an elegant looking design, many consider it to be boring.

Despite several changes in their emblem and their long and complicated history, Chrysler is one of the most recognizable car makers in the world. Chrysler also remained to be one of the strongest luxury car manufacturers in the world especially now that they are a part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group.

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