How is Window Tinting Done?


There are all sorts of aftermarket upgrades you can get for your car. Rims, stereo systems, new seat covers, and so much more. Though the number-one upgrade most people get is all about that window tint. They want their windows tinted, and they want a custom job that speaks to them, not that light tint that some dealerships add. The issue, of course, is where to find the right window tinting and how to apply it. We strongly suggest you go with SmartfilmAZ professionals to handle this for you.

While it’s not an inherently difficult job to do, it can still get rather complicated given the positioning of the windows and the precision it takes to seamlessly apply and trim the tint film. So, if you want some information on how to tint your windows, here are a few steps in the process we would like to discuss.

The Process to Tint Automobile Windows

Step 1: Find the Right Auto Tint Shop

You can tint your windows as a DIY job if you want. There’s certainly nothing stopping you. However, if you want the best tint job and a seamless adhesion of the product, we strongly suggest you go with the professions to handle this for you. So, our first step recommendation to you is to go out and find a local shop that has the right sort of products and the right talent to do this job well for you.

Step 2: Pick the Right Shade of Tint

Next up in the process of window tinting is finding the right shade of tint. This is definitely an area where a professional can assist you. Since their shop operates in the area, they know exactly what the legal levels are. They can also help you answer questions about heat reflection, visibility, privacy, and other areas that might concern you regarding tint. Rather than just having something in mind, work with those who know the genre to find the best choice for your automobile.

Step 3: Prep the Windows

Prepping the windows is the next step here. Any sort of dirt and debris on the windows, no matter how small, will affect how the tint goes on. What you’re looking for in a layer of tint is a layer that’s entirely seamless. The idea is that the tint should be so smooth and so well adhered to the windows that it appears to be part of the window itself. This is hard to accomplish as a DIY feat but is something that the professionals can do quite easily.

Step 4: Apply the Tint

The next step in this process, of course, is for the professionals to apply the tint. Again, if you are going to be doing this as a DIY project, then the steps are the same. Just recognize that you’re far less likely to do a job with the same quality and precision as a pro. Whichever way you choose, the next step here is to very slowly and carefully apply the 3M tint to the window, ensuring that you have a seamless layer bereft all wrinkles and bubbles. It should fit perfectly to the window, and it takes time, skill and patience.

Step 5: Wait a While Then Enjoy

You’re not going to have to wait for days or weeks or any extended period of time for your tint to set up. However, you do want to ensure that it does set up correctly. Tint is, in an odd way, like concrete in that it does more than just dries; it also cures. After you let the tint cure for a little while, you can go ahead and enjoy it. Professional tint isn’t going to bubble or buckle from rolling your windows up and down or having the wind blow. It’s a seamless layer of 3M that’s on there to last, so now all you have to do is enjoy the tint.

The one thing we want you to keep in mind here regarding window tint is that selecting a better shop to go with in the first place is going to make all the difference when it comes to the quality of the final tint application. The best shops use the best materials and practices, leaving you with the best possible tint job on your windows.

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