How Long Does Window Tinting Take?


If you’ve decided that your car needs a little sprucing up or a subtle transformation, you may be considering having your windows tinted. Tinting your windows is a great way to give your vehicle a new look while granting your passengers and other precious cargo some much-needed privacy. Understanding the window tinting process in-depth will allow you to better prepare yourself for having these services performed on your vehicle.

For those car owners with demanding schedules, it may be difficult to rationalize carving out time in your day for any cosmetic services. So you might be wondering, how long will it take to tint your windows? This article will overview the window tinting process and the details that will affect the projected time for your vehicle.

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The Process Of Window Tinting

When a technician is tinting your car, they perform three main steps. The first step is to cut the tint film to the custom size of your windows. During this process, they’ll use a heat application to contour the film to the specific curvature of your car’s window. This ensures optimal adherence and a pristine finished look.

As a next step, a tinting expert will clean the window’s surface to ensure a clean application every time. This involves using a razor to remove any adhesives from the window that could interfere with the adherence of the film. The use of soapy water and brillo pads may also be utilized to ensure that there isn’t any residue left on the surface of the window.

Lastly, the technician will carefully place the tint on your car’s window. They’ll squeegee the moisture out from underneath the film to ensure that it sticks successfully to the inside of your car’s window. It’s important to note that you’ll need to follow all of the aftercare instructions prescribed, as the window film will take about four days to completely adhere to the window.

How long will tinting take?

Now that you know what the process of window tinting involves, it’s time to look at how long it may take. For most four-door vehicles, you can expect the process to take about one to two hours. However, this is going to vary depending on several factors. These include:

  • Size of your windows

  • Number of windows

  • The complexity of window shapes

  • Removal of old tinting/wrapping

Ultimately, the specific details of your car will dictate how long the tinting process takes. In general, small two-door cars tend to take longer because the areas where the tint is applied are more cramped.

SUVs with lots of windows tend to take longer because of the number of windows present in their design. By giving your vehicle a quick inspection, you should be able to get a good idea of how involved the process will be.

Be mindful of dry weather conditions

When it comes to window tinting, anyone with a basic understanding of the process will know that the film is applied with moisture. This moisture will take up to four full days to dry in decently-warm weather. In the wintertime, this could equate to two to three weeks.

Therefore, it’s best to plan on getting your tinting done in the spring or fall or any season in your region that isn’t prone to sudden rainfall or snowstorms. Strategically planning your tinting services will keep your necessary dry time to a minimum.

This dry time equals the amount of time it takes for the tint to actually cure to the windows of your car. During this time, you won’t be able to roll the windows up or down. If you do, this could easily move the film or cause it to start to peel up. It’s best to wait the entire recommended cure period before attempting to use your windows to ensure that your tint stays fully adhered to your windows’ surface.

Final thoughts

Window tinting is a great way to give your car some extra character. In addition, it can protect your upholstery and eyes from harmful UV rays. When deciding on whether or not to tint your vehicle’s windows, it’s best to understand the process so you know what to expect. Remember, allotting a portion of your monthly budget to a window tint treatment is a worthwhile investment, especially when you account for the potential damages prolonged sun exposure can cause in your vehicle’s interiors.

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