The Ultimate Guide to Auto Window Tinting


Not all auto window tinting is created equal. Use this guide to learn everything you need to know about car window tinting.

Thinking about getting window tints for your vehicle?

There’s no question that quality auto window tinting makes cars look sharp. But their value goes far beyond looks.

Auto window tinting also shields cars and trucks from the elements. They can block out up to 99% of UV rays from the sun.

They keep the heat at bay which protects the interior of your car from fading and sun damage. But you should choose auto window tinting wisely since not all tinting is created equally.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the variety of auto window tinting types, how they protect your car or truck, window tinting laws, and how to select the best tints for your vehicle.

The Complete Guide to Auto Window Tinting

This guide tells you everything you want to know about auto window tinting. It will help you decide if it’s right for your vehicle.

1. How Tinted Windows Reduce Fading

Auto window tints shield harmful UV rays from your vehicle. These rays fade your seats and your dashboard.

If you live in a state with lots of sun like California or Florida, the sun can take a toll on your vehicle. Although living in year-round sunshine has its benefits, it ages your vehicle.

When the interior of your car is unprotected, the burning rays of the sun fade the upholstery and speeds up the wear and tear of your car.

This lowers the value of your car which means you’ll get less money when you sell it.

While some vehicles are made with premium upholstery, the scorching sun can still ruin it if you don’t have a barrier on the windows like a window tint.

2. Auto Window Tinting Protects Skin

Other than protecting your dashboard and upholstery, window tinting also guards your skin against the sun.

If you’ve ever driven on a hot day, you know how the sun feels on your left arm and shoulder. Even when your windows are closed, UV rays can permeate through non-tinted window glass.

Unlike a clear window, a quality tinted window will keep you and your family’s skin more protected for all your road trips, trips to the beach, and drives around town.

If you spend time driving on the road, it could be smart to invest in auto window tinting.

3. Tinting Keeps You Cool

Another advantage of tinting is that it reduces heat inside the car. You won’t need to have the AC on as high because the temperatures will be cooler.

That not only conserves gas, but it also makes you and your passengers more comfortable.

With heat reduction from your windows, it won’t be as hot when you return to your car when the weather is hot.

4. You’ll Have More Privacy 

Nosy people glaring into your car can be annoying. But you won’t have to worry about that as much because window tints make it difficult for outsiders to see in.

You’ll have more privacy and maybe more security from wrongdoers thinking about breaking into your car if they something they want inside like store-bought purchases or an expensive sound system.

Different Kinds of Window Tint Films

Manufacturers design tints from a variety of materials. To select good window tints, it’s important to know their construction. Check out this company to learn more about tint options.

Knowing the different options widen your possibilities. You’re not limited to one or two choices. The last thing you want to do is choose the wrong tint only to have to remove it because your state doesn’t allow it.


Metallic films have their pros and cons. On the positive side, they possess high UV ray resistance. This means they block out a lot of the sun.

They have a cool look because metallic tinting has a unique shine that looks great on your vehicle.

The thing that isn’t so good about them is they can interfere with your cell phone signals. They can block the signal out because metal acts as a barrier.

They can also interfere with your GPS device. If you depend on your GPS navigation system, metallic might not be the right choice.


Tints made from infrared offer good UV protection and heat reduction. Another good thing is they offer is high visibility. It’s not as difficult to see through infrared tinting as it is to see through other materials.

Another advantage of infrared is its durability. This means they have more longevity and will last a while before their material begins peeling or chipping.

OEM Tinting

OEM tints are actually built into your windows. So that might make it sound like a good pick. The downside is that the materials aren’t strong. So you might need to replace the tint sooner than other materials.


Ceramic tints provide some of the best technology in auto window tinting available on the market because the SPF equals around 800.

Manufacturers don’t use metal in ceramic films, so they work well with GPS navigation systems and mobile phones.


Carbon tints are durable. They work well with electronic devices since they’re also not constructed with metal. These films offer more heat reduction and block high UV rays than many other materials.

Coating Tints

Coating tints can be difficult to apply. Windows need to be removed to install them before the spray application process can take place. Although they can last, consumers can’t apply coating tints without automotive tinting experience.

Auto Window Tinting Laws

It’s essential to know your state’s window tinting laws, as certain states have stricter regulations than other states.

Laws are concerned with the level of darkness windows can be. Check your state and county laws because they can vary from region to region in a single state.

If you don’t comply with the laws in your region you can be issued a fine and forced to remove your window tints. Furthermore, there are states such as Colorado which could use a fault-based car accident system. This means that in case an accident occurs and it can be proven that it was as a result of lack of sufficient visibility as a result of the window tinting, then you would be prosecuted. In case you want to be sure about the laws about tinting you can check from this attorney in Colorado Springs.

If you’re visiting another state, make sure you find out the laws of that state. Some states like Ohio fine travelers whose windows are darker than their state’s laws.

5. The Cost of Car Window Tinting

The prices of auto window tinting can vary based on the materials. At most, you can pay up to $1,000.

The Takeaway On Auto Window Tinting 

You now know a whole lot more about auto window tinting. It’s a great way to reduce the heat from entering your car and looks sweet on the road.

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