How to clean your car DIY style


If you have just gone the extra distance in looking for a reputable finance company by Googling “Perth car finance,” you know that buying a new car or a car that is new to you is a special kind of experience. Furthermore, keeping it glistening is a matter of pride for any new car owner. That said, having the car professionally detailed takes money–lots of it. DIY cleaning, however, costs next to nothing and can give your car a shine that lasts for months.

In addition to just making your vehicle look immaculate, a DIY cleaning helps it last longer. The tires last longer as do the headlights and the interior. A clean car is also a safer car to drive as the headlights and windshield provide the best light and visibility. Finally, cleaning your car helps it maintain its value because rust does not have much time to set in. If you are wondering how to keep yours clean without having to rob a bank, just remember that you are protecting the car against three things: rust, oxidization, and UV rays.

1. Roof

As you are spraying the car down, you need to pay particularly close attention to the roof of the vehicle because you will not be able to reach this area manually. Using a high-pressure washer, start by spraying the roof’s center. As you spray the roof, proceed outwards until you reach the windows. Starting with the roof ensures that no mud or debris washes down on a door that you already cleaned.

2. Body

You can keep the body of your vehicle protected against rust by spraying it with a high-pressure stream of water, paying particular attention to any crevices near the doors, bumpers, and windshield. Additionally, you need to spray around the grill and around the wipers. Doing so will help loosen debris that can collect and allow water to pool. If water pools, it will eventually start rusting around rivets and connection points.

Once you have the body clean, you should protect it against oxidization by applying a polish. Again, you should start with the roof. Often, you will need a step stool to reach the center of the roof.

To polish your car’s paint, simply squirt a little car polish into a buffing sponge and apply a coat liberally across the paint. After you have the surface coated in wax, you need to use a lint-free rag to buff the polish to a glistening reflection. This coat of polish will protect against UV rays and oxidization, which can cause the paint to fade.

3. Glass

In order to clean the windshield and windows, you will need a squeegee, some regular glass cleaner, and a lint-free rag designed for cleaning glass. To begin, you should spray the rag and then also spray the glass. Next, you should wipe the window clean using the squeegee. For bug residue, you might need to rub by hand, but you want to make sure you do not use a rough edge because you can scratch the coating on the windshield.

4. Tires

Oxidized tires fade and crack. To prevent this, you should use a tire cleaner that can keep the surface polished without making the tires slick. The polish will keep the rubber moisturized and protect it from UV rays, which can fade and crack the rubber.

When cleaning the tires, you need to also spray the wheel wells, ensuring to get all the dirt that collects in crevices and around the lug nuts. If you leave excess dirt in these areas, the wheels can begin to rust.

5. Interior

Vacuuming the interior will help the dirt from becoming embedded in the weave of your carpets and floor mats. Similarly, vacuuming the material in your seats will help lift dirt, which can lead to a moldy smell in the heat of the summer.

Once you have the interior vacuumed, you should apply dashboard oil on the dash to serve as protection from the sun’s rays. Over time, if the dash is left unprotected, it can fade and eventually crack, which will cause your car’s value to plummet.

With the dashboard clean, you should also wash and polish the center console, the steering wheel, and the brake pads. Doing so will keep everything from fading. Additionally, keeping the brake pads clean will help protect them from becoming slippery.


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