How to Find the Right Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a car accident, your life could change in an instant. All of a sudden, you are dealing with injuries, doctor’s appointments, treatments, and trying to get your car up and running again, all while seeing your financial situation deteriorate. When you have the time, you may consider filing a claim against the party at fault for the accident but may feel lost, not knowing how to find the right car accident lawyer. If this is your situation, the law offices of Kwartler Manus, LLC want you to take the following steps to find an accident lawyer who can help you fight for the compensation you need at this time.

Get Some References

You may know someone who has had a car accident in the past and had a good experience with a car accident lawyer. Getting references from someone you trust may have you compiling a potential list of accident lawyers. However, if neither your relatives nor friends have any recommendations, you may look online on your state’s bar association page. You want someone local who is familiar with your state’s laws. Look for lawyers that work on a contingency basis so that there will be no out-of-pocket costs to you. Instead, they’ll take a percentage of your settlement fee once your case is won. Also, ask for an initial no-obligation consultation to discuss your case and get a free evaluation.

Look For an Experienced Lawyer

Not all lawyers are the same, and you certainly do not want an experienced divorce attorney handling your car accident claim. You need to find someone with experience and a great success rate of helping clients who have gone through an accident like yours. You need an attorney who understands car accidents and personal injury law.

Look For a Lawyer That Makes You Feel Comfortable

At this time, you cannot afford to work with someone who does not seem to understand what you are going through or who will have a secretary or assistant being the one communicating with you. You need a lawyer who will be there for you and establish clear and direct communication whenever necessary.

Check The Attorney’s Online Presence

Once you have narrowed down your search, you may want to take advantage of the internet to check every lawyer’s online presence. Study what they talk about on their website, read clients’ reviews, and look for further reviews in your state’s bar association.

You want a lawyer with a website that has interesting and fresh content. The same goes for their LinkedIn profile, Twitter page, and any other social media platform. Look to see if they have handled cases similar to yours.

Ask About Their Fee Schedule and Other Expenses

Even Vanguard car accident lawyers in Tampa who work on a contingency basis will eventually need to get paid. This will usually happen once the case has been won and you have received a payout. It is important for you to know not only what their fees will be, but also what other costs will have to be paid by you. Some expenses may be billed monthly, while others may wait until the case settles. Make sure you clearly understand what percentage of your compensation they are expecting to receive.