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ATV wines are available in several versions. We encourage you to do some research before purchasing, but if you prefer to ride alone, electric wines are perfect. Your ATV’s battery provides power, you connect the end of the pulley cable to something solid (such as using a wooden strap) and turn on the pulley motor to get out of it.

Installation process

If you spend a lot of time outside or live in an icy area, you’re probably aware of how painful it is to get your car stuck in mud or snow. It is, in most cases, both the most appropriate and the most inconvenient location.

After selecting the right model for your vehicle and requirements, make sure that you add a mounting plate to your vehicle. Most ATV winches are not ready. Consider the make and model as well as the nominal pulling force of the pulley. Your front or rear bumper may need modification to fit the mounting plate. Some manufacturers include bumpers and mounting plates.

Obtain a mounting plate

The mounting plate must be installed before the ATV winch can be installed. Because most ATVs aren’t built to accommodate a winch, you’ll need to make some modifications. There are dozens of different winches mounting plates on the market, so make sure you get the right one for your vehicle so you can have a worry free ATV riding Las Vegas. Consider the type of ATV, including the make and model. Ensure that your license plate is compatible with your vehicle’s winch and bumper.

Standard bumpers are not designed for this type of force, so most winners do not use them. The majority of standard bumpers do not have enough room for a winch. You can find a compatible bumper by looking through the parts catalog in which you ordered your winch. Some manufacturers sell complete mounting systems that include both the mounting plate and the bumper.

How to set up a winch

  • When you’ve gathered all of your components, begin by mounting the mounting plate. Before you begin working with the winch and mounting plate, read the installation instructions and warnings thoroughly.
  • To begin, unscrew the bolt and remove the plate from the front bumper with a screwdriver. There are four bolts in the front and four bolts on each side. (Keep them in good shape because you’ll be using them again.)
  • To avoid damaging the ATV, make sure any wires or hoses are moved. To secure the plate, the bolt is fastened with glue. Place the pulley on the plate and secure it with a bolt. Before you attach the bumper, make sure it’s in the right place.
  • Connect the loop to the cable’s hook.
  • For the pulley to work there must be obstacles in your way, so disconnect the gear train and pull the pulley a few feet to be sure. After the test, remember to turn it on.

Tips on how to connect an ATV winch

Solids for winching

The pulley solenoid is crucial because it serves as a safety factor when transferring power from the battery to your pulley. This is the only way to disconnect your power supply from the pulley. Install the solenoid as close as possible to the battery, but always in a dry location. Make sure any metal parts that could be dusted by electrical contacts are installed first.

Routing process of wires

Crossing the wires from the battery to the pulley must be done with caution when connecting the wires to the pulley.  The insulation of the smooth metal wire will easily come out if dirt and grime are left on it.

Connection to a winch

It is critical to establish the proper connection. To help reduce errors, most winches come with color-coded logs. Traditional winners don’t need to be fastened quickly because they’re secured with lock washers. Tightening them is not a good idea because it can cause the chain to break and the pulley to run inefficiently. To keep the nuts from pulling, use a small amount of silicone glue up to the league.

Winch cable that has been pre-tensioned

Finally, double-check that your cable pulley is securely seated in the drum. The drum is wound with a cable in some winners, but not in others. If the pulley cable was still in the drum when you bought it, cut off a section of it. Start the pulley after attaching the cable to a heavy item, and the cable will roll properly. If you don’t already have a cable wrapped around the drum to your follow the instructions. Go on like this until you’re certain the cable isn’t big enough.

How can you figure out how much winch your motorcycle requires?

The weight of the winch is normally what determines its size for the average ATV owner. Most other tasks, such as moving an ATV snow blower or gathering firewood, involve much less pulling force than pulling a stuck bike. As a result, the general rule is preferable for most ATV winch applications if you multiply the total weight of the bike by 1.5.

Both liquids, operator weights, equipment, and accessories are included in the ATV’s total weight. Your ATV’s full total weight can be found in the requirements section of your owner’s manual or on the internet.

The maximum weight that your bike can carry is not always defined by the manufacturer. If so, you can easily measure it. Enough accuracy to choose the right pulley size. Please check Tenbuz to get winch your motorcycle requires.

Begin by balancing the weight of the bike, which is ready to ride but lacks a driver or freight. To the A-Pillars and C-Pillars, you apply the driver’s weight and a total load capacity of 165 lb (75 kg).


You can install a contractor under the driver’s seat, which is what most people do. The pulley control switch which must be installed. For easy access, the steering gear would be a good place to put them. However, you can only operate the pulley when you’re connected to the ignition. Once everything works, you can move on to things like a 4 point harness from Moto Armor to keep you safe while riding.

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