How to Market Your Business With Car Signs and Wraps


Have you ever noticed a car decorated with car topper signs or wraps promoting a business? If you did pay attention, then it means that their mission was a success. Marketing is an integral component in any successful business and one of the easiest and effective ways to advertise a business is through the use of car signs and car wraps.

By nature, cars are typically on the road, travelling from one place to another. While travelling is essential for most businesses, the cars themselves can be used as ad space – this way, the car’s utility increases significantly as it serves the role of both transport and advertisement.

How to Market Your Business with Car Signs and Wraps

Marketing your business with car signs and wraps is not as simple as slapping on a sticker on a car. There are certain factors to consider to make the most of the marketing device. Here are some considerations if you’re thinking about using car signs and wraps for your business.


If you were only able to see the logo and name of a company, would you know what they mean right away? Maybe that is so for companies that are more popular, but probably not for new and upcoming businesses. This is why logo creation is very crucial for businesses because logos have to embody what the business is. Even though design elements can be cliche, people immediately associate teeth and toothbrushes with dental clinics.

If a company does not have a logo that is immediately recognizable or a logo that is not designed to be especially informative, then the advertisers have to find a way to make the message clear.

A car offers a pretty large surface area and the space can be effectively used aside from simply adding the company logo. They can also add other details such as the services they provide and their contact information (e.g., contact number, email address, physical address, etc.).

Words are not necessary to convey a clear message. A company selling bottled water can easily add images of water and bottled water to give people the idea of what business they are in.


What’s the difference between an ad on a newspaper and an ad on the side of a car? A person might only get a few seconds to see the ad on the side of a car before it goes on its merry way.

While the entire surface area of a car can be filled to the brim, it is not recommended to fill the entire surface area with information. To emphasize, people might only get to see the car for a few seconds so making a brief message would be the most effective way to go.

The simplest way to advertise a business is simply adding the car logo. This works especially well for popular brands. Some companies do this to great effect such as a Coca-Cola company car would be all red with the popular name of the company written in white on its side.

However, this type of popularity is not necessarily enjoyed by many companies and businesses so they have to add more information to promote their business.

What types of information are relevant enough to be added to the car? Simple information such as contact information is ideal. Sometimes, the services can also be included. This is often seen in service company cars such as a truck of a plumber, electrician, handyman, exterminator, and the like.

Be Bold

While it is not recommended to fill the entire surface area of the car, that doesn’t mean you can’t completely decorate the entire car. Just like in any advertisement piece, a successful ad would be the one that would get noticed. No matter how much information is written on the side of the car, it would all be pointless if it doesn’t get people’s attention.

One of the easiest ways to be bold is to use color. Even without focusing, people would subconsciously notice a car if it was painted with bright and eye-catching colors.

Imagine if you had a bird’s eye view of a traffic jam. You’d probably think of typical car colors such as black, white, and grays. However, no one can deny that a car totally painted with a hot pink or a neon green would be exceptionally conspicuous.

Aside from color, decorations and design elements also help make car signs pop. If you want to see an example of exciting car wrap designs, check out car wraps of energy drinks and gaming companies. Because of their industry sector, it isn’t uncommon to find their car adverts to be adorned with exciting decals such as monsters, flames, and lightning. While they are indeed conventional for their sector, they easily succeed in getting people’s attention.

Be Careful

While this may not be the biggest issue to consider, it’s still an issue to consider nonetheless: businesses have to be careful with their wording. This is because words wrapped around the car convey a specific message when read correctly. However, there are several situations where the words might not be fully seen like when a car door is open or a van door is slid open.

Sometimes, the result can be meaningless but there are times that cutting off the message might mean something else. If Starbucks was wrapped on a van incorrectly, the coffee chain might get a lot of attention when people see the van parked and open with the word “Sucks” instead of “Starbucks.”


Businesses will always use vehicles for their day to day operations and car signs and wraps are simply an easy way to advertise and promote the businesses while travelling on the road. While it sounds simple enough, there are several factors to consider to make the most of car signs and make them effective forms of marketing.

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