How To Pay A Missed Toll In New York?

Tolls in New York are collected through the Toll by Mail cashless tolling system, available to motorists who do not have an E-ZPass. You will be issued a Toll Bill if you do not have E-ZPass. When you do not have E-ZPass, a picture of your license plate will be taken and forwarded to the registered owner’s address on file with the DMV.

Customers who use Tolls by Mail pay a higher toll rate than those who use the New York E-ZPass toll rate, as well as a $2 administrative surcharge on each billing statement. Due to the time and expense connected with identifying automobiles and not having the identifier adequately installed or that are not identified in the vehicle. Toll receipts are typically mailed 30-40 days after the date you initially began your journey.

If you have not paid your tolls at any of the toll booths in New York, there are several options for making up for the lost time. For your feasibility, there is an Uproad app that can help you in paying your missed tolls in New York while staying at home.

However, if you are looking forward to see the other convenient ways that can help you easily in bringing in your missed tolls, continue reading the post!

How Do I Make Up For A Missed Toll?

If you have fallen behind on your toll payments in New York, here are a few options for making up for lost time and settling outstanding obligations.

1. Online Payment

To make a payment online, you can go to the New York Toll By Mails website. Two techniques fall under this category. They are as follows:

If you choose to pay by license plate, you will be provided with the toll plaza – where the violation happened together with the toll amounts and the date of the violation. You will be required to be registered this data with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and the payment system will be available in approximately one week following the submission of the necessary information and documentation.

Paying Toll After Receiving It By Mail Or Email

This alternative option entails the submission of more extensive information about the toll transaction. The time and date of the EZ Pass violation, as well as the location of the toll plaza, will be sent to you. If you choose, you can also create an email address via which you will receive future toll bills.

2. Send Account Statement With Money

To make a payment for a missing toll in New York, you can send a statement of account and the money to the Toll Processing Center, located at PO BOX 15183 in Albany, New York 12212 51853.

If you have an EZ Pass account, you can pay for missed tolls by visiting any EZ Pass customer service facility. If you do not have an EZ Pass account, you may pay with cash instead. Simply search the service center that is closest to your area. Please contact at 1-844-826-8400 if you have any more questions or want to learn more about the services.

If you have an EZ Pass account, paying for a missed toll is the most straightforward option because you can accomplish it from home comfort. It is recommended that you use an online Toll Rate Calculator to determine how much the other toll will cost you in New York before you travel. There are just some of them accessible for purchase on the internet.

Factors That Cause Toll Violations

When a driver drives through with a toll booth and does not make a full payment for the privilege of utilizing the toll lane, the signpost will flash a red light, and the systems will record a violation against the vehicle’s license plate. The following are among the most typical reasons for toll violation:

The Failure To Pay Or The Underpayment Of Toll

If you do not pay off your toll, you violate the rules just by doing so. The failure to pay the necessary toll fare, on the other hand, is still considered a violation. A shortfall of tolls is extremely common among drivers who pass through toll booths regularly. Even though most drivers do not purposefully underpay a toll, it does happen from time to time nonetheless. The cash-based toll system will deduct whatever funds are left in your account if you have an E-Zpass account that does not have sufficient funds, leaving you with an additional balance that needs to be paid.

EZpass Transponder That Has Expired Or Is Faulty

Another common reason for toll violations is a transponder that has expired or has become faulty. If the transmitter is not functioning correctly, the electrical trigger used by the toll gate will not be able to detect the frequency transmitted by the transponder, resulting in a violation. If you are using a transponder that has expired, the same thing is going to happen.

Getting Through The Toll Gate Ahead Of Schedule

A few seconds pass before the toll system recognizes and records your complete payment using the automatic payment system. It is possible to leave the toll lane once your payment has been processed; however, this will cause the process to stop suddenly and will be viewed as an attempted payment skip.

Using A Transponder That Has Not Been Recognized

Your transponder may be functional, but if you are using one that does not recognize by the E-Z Pass system, you have broken traffic regulations. The usage of registered transponders, such as those given by EZ Pass, is strongly recommended for motorists traveling on New York City’s tolled highways.

Bottom Line

No matter what, you can not run off the missed tolls but sometimes, it can get pretty challenging to pay them off. So, if you are having trouble with paying your missed tolls, we hope the above information would have helped you a lot.