How to Store Emergency Water in Your Car

Water helps you to survive in any situation, whether you are in a disaster or away from home in your car. Storing emergency water in your car should be one of the greatest ideas to combat any situation. Otherwise, you may not get water at any destination. Maybe, the cost of the water at a park or resort is higher than your expectation. To handle the situation, you should consider storing emergency water in your car for you and your family.

To withstand any disaster, you should prepare your emergency kit so that you can survive the situation. For more information about emergencies, you head over to a trusted emergency kit blog where they have covered everything you need to know about preparing the emergency kit against any disaster, whether it is natural or man-made.

However, this article will take you to cover the topic of the article so that you don’t have further queries related to the query. Also, you will learn everything on how to store emergency water in your car so that you can get the benefit of drinking it at the time of an emergency or when you need it to drink because you know that some destination or off-road tour does not ensure the availability of water for you.

Store water in the non-plastic containers

In a hot climate, water gets warm fast, especially when you keep it in your car. Therefore, water may become difficult for you to drink. And, if you store water in the plastic containers, it gets hot very fast. In this case, you should not use plastic containers because it does not allow water to get warm only. Also, it creates BPA- harmful chemical substances that can cause great damage to your body.

In this situation, you can store water in glass bottles at home before you start your journey in the car. At least, it does not allow to develop BPAs in the water, which can be harmful to your health. Also, you can store water in a special type of plastic bottle that does not as harmful as direct plastic bottles can do.

Stainless steel bottles are another option left for you to store water in them. These stainless steel water bottles can do not do any harm to your health. But all you have to endure while drinking water is it might be warm for drinking but safe. So, you can store your water in the glass, stainless steel, or special types of plastic bottles while you are away from home in your car with your family.

Store water in the trunk

When you store water in the cab of your car, the sunrays directly can pierce to the water bottles, whether it is glass bottles or stainless steel bottles. You can store the water bottles in the trunk instead of leaving them in the cab of your car.

In this case, sunrays do not pierce directly on the water bottles. However, it is also warm when you drink water from the water bottles but a bit cooler than if you store them in the cab of your car.

Use a cooler

A cooler such as an ice chest in the trunk can protect water bottles inside it from the direct sun. As a result, water can keep in cooler weather in the trunk. If the day you are hauling around is hotter, then the water must be warm but can be drinkable.

So, it would be a wise way to keep water in the car cooler in comparison with keeping the water bottles in the car cab that is more vulnerable to the direct sun to keep them warmer. However, when you are away from home with your car, nothing is better than to store emergency water in the trunk with ice chest around the water bottles.

Take Canned Emergency Water

You know that aluminum cans do not leach harmful chemicals into the water of the can, even the car gets too hot. Therefore, you can get fresh and good tasting drinking water when you need to drink it. So, when you are ready to head over to go outside with your car, make sure you have bought at least a case of emergency water for better taste.

Otherwise, aluminum cans are safe and do not allow any chemicals to mix into the water like plastic bottles. If you want to do it better, you can use the trunk with an ice chest around the cans so that the cans also keep cooler even in a hot climate.

Plastic water bottles for cold climate

It does not make sense that you only make a trip in hot climate weather, right? Apart from that, you may want to go outside in your car in winter as well. In this case, you also have to keep emergency water in your car for drinking when you need it to drink.

In cold weather, water gets frozen if the day is very cold. But you need to drink water at any time, right? What will you do then in this situation if the water is frozen? Well, plastic bottles help water to keep in normal conditions in your car. Because when you drive your car, the weather inside the car gets warmer. As a result, the water in plastic bottles also gets warm to drink when you need them for drinking.

Final Thought

Whether you are away from home for any destination with your car, you need water to survive, especially if there is no drinking water for you. So, storing emergency water in your car should be a great way to satisfy not only your thirst but also for your family. Depending on weather conditions, whether it is cold or warm, you have to store water in your car. Plastic bottles, glass bottles, trunk, or stainless steel bottles can be used for storing emergency water in your car.