Junk Cars: Why You Should Scrap Your Car And What You Should Know In The Process

Vehicles are a great transportation companion. Over the years, some people develop sentimental attachments to their vehicle. Based on this attachment, it becomes harder for them to let go, especially when the vehicle becomes problematic due to old age or other factors. Most people end up getting a new car but leave the old one sitting in their yard or by the roadside. There are several reasons why such a car as this should be considered for scrapping. In fact, you can decide to scrap your car for a number of reasons. To help you understand when it’s best to scrap your car, below are some of the conditions that suggest that your car needs to be scrapped as revealed by experts at Tony’s Auto Removal.

Reasons To Scrap Your Car

While there are several reasons to scrap your car, we have put together a list of some of the most important reasons to protect you from recurrent expenses.

Repair And Maintenance Cost

A new car requires maintenance over a period of its lifespan to prevent certain damages which may require minor or extensive repairs. It is important to note that as the car ages, the car begins to require frequent maintenance and repairs, an added cost to operating it. If you have come to notice that your vehicle spends more time at the repair shop than at home or on the road, then it may be a great time for you to decide to scrap the car. Scrapping the car will save you from the recurring cost of repairs and maintenance while also allowing you to move on to purchase a newer model which will be requiring less financial support.

Please note that failure to sell the car in its operable state will attract lesser amount once it breaks down.

Low Fuel Efficiency

There are several reasons why it is recommended that you scrap your car and low fuel efficiency is one of such reasons. Older cars have low fuel efficiency which means that your old buddy will burn through your finances. You want to make sure that your vehicle’s fuel consumption is as economical as possible and selling off the older vehicle allows you to save more money by buying a newer model which guarantees better fuel efficiency.

Need Money Or In A Financial Situation

Selling off your car to the junkyard can be a better way of raising money, especially when you are in dire need of financial help. It is important to note that when planning on selling off your vehicle to the junkyard, you can make extra money on the sale by removing all aftermarket products and selling them separately. So, if you have any custom products like a DVD player, a stereo, custom wheels, or others installed, this can mean more money for you.

Cutting Carbon Emission

Older cars have inefficient fuel-burning system thus contributing heavy carbon to the environment. However, newer vehicles have engines which have been engineered to lower their carbon emission and this makes it a little more environmentally friendly. If you are committed to contributing positively to the environment, getting rid of your old junk vehicle is a step in the right direction. You can choose to cut your carbon emissions by getting rid of older junk vehicles.

Unsafe To Drive

When vehicles become unsafe to drive, especially at an old age, there really is no use for such a vehicle. This is why it is recommended that older vehicles should be sold off to the junkyard to make some money off them.

What To Consider When Selling Your Junk Car 

Considering that every seller wants to make the best gain while every buyer wants to buy at the lowest possible rate, there are certain factors you should consider when planning on selling your scrap car as they could influence the price at which you make the sale. Below are some of the most important ones.

1. Is The Vehicle Operational Or Not?

When selling your scrap car, be aware that the operational status of the vehicle will play a role in the overall price offer. An operational vehicle can be driven to the junkyard at no extra cost while a non-operational vehicle will require transportation which comes at an extra cost to the buyer. A running scrap car guarantees you a higher bargaining chip compared to a non-operational one.

2. The Age Of The Vehicle

Older cars have fewer parts that are of interest to the junk car buyer thus generally reducing the market value. However, newer car models are most likely to fetch you a higher amount especially as the car parts may be in high demand.

3. Condition Of The Vehicle

The vehicle’s condition will also play a role in the overall price offered by the buyer. Generally, good or fair looking vehicles stand a better chance of commanding more money.


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