Monaco: The Exotic Car Capital


Monte Carlo is a byword for European glitz and glamour, from the Hôtel de Paris to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Almost no other location on earth has as many millionaires as this tiny principality, and its marina is a top choice for superyacht owners. Aside from that, it’s no coincidence that it’s known as the world’s supercar capital.

This wasn’t always the case. Back in 1850, this opulent resort was little more than arid scrub and wasteland, with dilapidated buildings and a teetering hotel.

It seems impossible that such a dramatic change could take place so quickly. The answer lies in legalizing gambling. Monaco is an independent principality that lies on the border of the French Riviera and the Ligurian coast. The Grimaldi family has ruled the state for over 800 years, and for most of that time, the state made about as much of a historical impact as one could expect for a state covering half of Central Park.

However, in 1855, the royal family legalized gambling as a way to raise funds and hired the French entrepreneur François Blanc to boost the casino business and raise the city’s reputation. Thus, the Grimaldis pioneered a process that would be followed by others such as Las Vegas and Macau.

The result has been Monaco’s reputation for luxury and glamour. Our focus will be on Monaco’s supercars in this article. Despite being the world’s second tiniest country, it has the highest ratio of supercars to humans. To give you an idea here are some of the most commonly seen cars on the streets of Monaco:

  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Porsche
  • Bentley, etc.

If you’re a car lover, Monaco is a must-visit, but where are the best spots to see these stunning vehicles?

Casino de Monte Carlo

Summertime brings out the supercars, as well. Casino de Monte Carlo is the best place to see Ferraris and Lamborghinis. You often see beautiful cars lined up outside the famous casino’s steps at night that could rival Le Mans. While you might not be part of the 1% that can afford the cars parked in front of Casino de Monte Carlo it doesn’t mean it is impossible. You never know when you can get lucky, and instead of waiting to visit the Casino de Monte Carlo to try your luck, online casinos could be more convenient. If you read unbiased online slots reviews you can get more informed and who knows maybe you’ll get lucky and win big so your car can be part of the lineup.

The Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection

Prince Rainier of Monaco had been quite the eligible bachelor until he married Grace Kelly, a film star. As a result of their glamorous looks and enviable lifestyle, they became one of the best-known couples in the world.

Apart from his marriage to Princess Grace, he was also renowned for his love of cars. A car collection that began in the 1950s continued throughout his life. It became so large that even his already expansive garages could no longer hold any more cars. As part of his strategy to clear some space, he decided to make his unique collection available to the public in 1993.

This museum holds a collection of classic cars that you can marvel at for a small entrance fee. It’s like a candy store for all kinds of car fans, big and small!

Circuit de Monaco

In addition to its Hollywood royals, luxurious casinos, designer shops, and heavenly beaches, Monaco hosts the Grand Prix every year. There is no better sporting event in the world than seeing one of the world’s most famous racing drivers compete for one of its most prestigious titles every summer.

In contrast to the UK’s renowned Silverstone, the Monaco Grand Prix isn’t held on a prebuilt track. Instead, it takes place on the streets of Monte Carlo. If you cannot attend the Grand Prix, you can still imagine the roar of the crowd (and the cars) as you walk the 2.94-mile track. Along the track, you can see the sparkling turquoise sea and Monte Carlo’s historic buildings.


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