Oldest Car Manufacturers in the World

A hood of a Peugot car

Millions of cars are produced every year, and we see thousands every day as we travel the roads. But how much do we really know about the history behind car brands that we see? From being founded as a grain mill to a marine engine manufacturer, each car brand has its rich … Read more

New Luxury Cars 2021

Audi A8

The automotive industry has evolved over the past decades. Car manufacturers have shifted from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. Also, the demand for luxury vehicles has increased in recent years. They offer increased comfort to passengers and drivers. Also, they are more expensive than regular automobiles. Here is an insight into … Read more

Smaller Automakers

Smaller Automakers

Behind major car manufacturers such as Ford, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors and Toyota, there are smaller manufacturers that design and build innovative cars that may one day become big hits in the modern automotive industry. The automotive industry is crowded with many brands. But of course, the contribution of smaller automakers in … Read more