The majority of goods in the U.S. are transported by trucks

The majority of goods in the U.S. are transported by trucks

Every day HMD Trucking trucks carry their loads across the country. They move along the roads among thousands of other trucks with huge trailers. Sometimes we can understand what’s inside thanks to the inscriptions on their sides. But most of the time their contents remain unknown to us. Of course we wonder … Read more

Why are Used Trucks so Expensive?

Why are Used Trucks so Expensive

Buying a second hand vehicle is usually a frugal alternative to splashing out on a brand new model. This is down to the way that depreciation impacts all sorts of automobiles, meaning that the resale price falls off a cliff as soon as you collect a freshly minted car. But things are … Read more

Iconic Cars From The 2010s

Five luxury cars parked inside a room

As of now, we are in the 2020s and the motor industry has changed a lot in the previous decade. Yes, the cars you buy at the current time are a lot different from the previous ones. Also, some cars have completed their road time and now they are going for scrap. … Read more

What Used Trucks to Avoid

Old pick-up vehicle on the street

Many people enjoy buying used vehicles instead of paying a higher price for new ones. By the time you own a used truck, for example, most of its major mechanical issues have been discovered and repaired. Or, if you prefer buying junk cars to refinish them, a used truck can provide a … Read more

Blow Them Away: The 7 Best Air Horns for Trucks in 2021

When it comes to air horns for trucks, look no further than these 7 that are guaranteed to blow the rest out of the water. Make sure to equip and ride in style. Amongst the rumble and roar of cars, the thunder of a massive truck can carry a lot of weight … Read more

Mechanic Kelowna for Cars and Trucks

Sometimes you need repairs really fast for your vehicle, since it’s your primary way to get around. You need to know that you have an affordable option and can take your car to a Kelowna area mechanic that knows what they’re doing, as well as having a good variety of experience with … Read more

Car or Truck? The Benefits of Both

It is indeed a challenging task to purchase a vehicle because there are plenty of options in the market. There’s also a diversity of types like sedans, coupes, pickups, compact, sub-compact, motor homes, and SUVs which makes it more difficult for people to choose a vehicle which best suits their needs. There … Read more

Types of Automobiles and Their Classification

Did You Know There Were So Many Types of Automobiles?

In recent years, the evolution of technology in fleet management systems has made the processes a lot easier. With innovation, reputable experts now provide real-time monitoring of the fleet vehicles through various technologies. Among all these, GPS real-time tracking of fleet vehicles remains the best management tool used today. Both managers and … Read more