The Best Time Of Year For Windshield Replacement


Nothing’s more frustrating than when you’re driving along and are startled by the sound of an object hitting your windshield. Then, once you have a moment to look, you notice that the rock or piece of flying debris has actually cracked your windshield! This unexpected damage to your vehicle can be incredibly annoying, as it has compromised the integrity of your windshield and, depending on the placement of the crack, can actually interrupt your line of vision.

If the crack is severe enough, it’s recommended that you take your vehicle in as soon as you’re able to, as another impact to your windshield could do some serious damage. Make sure to contact the most trusted Chips Ahoy Windscreens provider in case you are looking for a perfect windscreen replacement. However, some car owners may hold off, whether for financial or personal reasons. If you decide to wait, then perhaps you can book a windshield replacement appointment in a month or season that works best. But when exactly is the best time of the year to replace your windshield? Let’s take a look.

Consider The Temperature

It’s important to know that windshields can be replaced at any time. However, the temperature at which you replace them can actually impact the quality of the service.

In cold weather, different sealing products will be needed to install your windshield properly. The cool air can slow down the curing process, which gives time for shifting to occur before the windshield is set. Additionally, glass shrinks ever so slightly in the cold. Therefore, if your windshield is replaced in an uncontrolled environment, then you risk choosing a windshield that is technically the incorrect size. This means that your windshield could actually crack from the pressure as it tries to expand in warmer temperatures.

Fortunately, this issue can be avoided by turning to a heated repair shop and having your windshield replaced in a warm setting.

Meanwhile, extreme hot weather can also impact the quality of your windshield installation. As with cold weather, the adhesive used to bond the windshield to the vehicle has difficulty curing under extreme temperatures and humidity conditions.

Consider The Seasons

If both the winter and summer months present an additional struggle when it comes time to replace your windshield, then it would be safe to argue that spring or fall are the ideal times to book your appointment. But this time frame takes more than the installation process into account; it actually also considers preventative measures.

Extreme temperatures, high or low, can cause smaller cracks to spread and expand, thus further compromising your windshield’s integrity. By replacing your windshield before it is exposed to the cold or heat, you can eliminate any risk regarding the safety of your car.

Consider Safety

Ultimately, you should book an appointment for a windshield replacement as soon as your vehicle is damaged. Having a cracked or damaged windshield means that the distribution of pressure points is altered; if you were to be in a car accident, you could be severely injured. Additionally, cracks across your line of vision can affect your driving capabilities. Safety should be your top priority when it comes to maintaining your car.

It’s because of safety that the majority of auto glass providers do not offer seasonal deals. They don’t want you holding off on a potentially life-saving replacement in the hopes of getting a discount in a few months. Any reputable professional will instruct you to replace your windshield immediately, regardless of the time of year.

As a side note, catching a chip early on can allow you to simply repair your windshield rather than replace it, thus saving you a few dollars.


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