Tips For Cutting The Cost Associated With A New Car


There are a lot of different things you should be thinking about when you are aiming to purchase a new car. This includes, but isn’t limited to the price.

According to There are plenty of other things to take into account when buying one. These factors include operational costs, insurance, and even repairability. Therefore, you will want to budget accordingly and have a good idea of what you can expect to pay for all of these things to pick the right one.

Smart Car Buying Tips

There are plenty of different ways to pay for a new vehicle. Some of the different ways will save you more than the others.

Typically, using your savings is the most affordable option. Personal loans are typically the recommended option if you require borrowing money, but you will likely only want to do this with good credit history and look for low APR car finance.

If you suffer from having a bad credit score, you’re likely going to have to look for other ways to get the funds you need to purchase one. This guide will show you some of the best ways to finance a new car.

Getting A Good Deal On Car Insurance

Unfortunately, auto insurance is one of the things that can be very expensive when owning a vehicle. This is especially true if you lack a good driving history or you have a bad one. There are other things that you have to consider when figuring out your auto insurance premium that include the type and model of the car you have and how much you are going to be driving per year.

Because you will find a lot of differences in insurance quotes, you will want to do some comparison shopping when looking for a quote. You want to look at the coverage of each option because they will differ greatly. Some will include certain things that others won’t. Look for coverage you need including breakdown cover and widescreen insurance.

You also want to factor in the policy excess. This is the total amount you would have to pay following a claim before the insurance company stepping in. The higher the number, the lower you will be paying in premiums.

Don’t Allow Your Budget To Be Too Taxing

The total amount of road tax you end up paying is going to come down to the engine size of your vehicle or the emissions. If you opt for something that is a low emissions vehicle, you will find your road tax is a lot lower than a vehicle that eats gas.

You can pay the road tax in either 6 or 12 months with a total yearly payment that works out to be the much more affordable one of the two.

Fuel For Thought

Keeping the costs you pay on fuel throughout the year will depend on several things. For one, purchasing a vehicle that has good fuel economy. The larger the engine is, the more fuel it’s likely to use.

Unfortunately, fuel isn’t cheap. Therefore, it will pay to do some comparison shopping when filling up. You will find a lot of supermarkets lead the way with better fuel prices.

Service and Maintenance

The RAC says that annual used car maintenance averages about £472 per year.

This total number includes everything from servicing and the cost of an MOT. You will find a few firms selling warranties that will pay for basic maintenance and repairs. Whereas, others might even cover the cost of an MOT as part of the premium you pay for it. However, you want to be certain you check everything you are paying for before getting one.

You also may want to consider registering for breakdown coverage. This way, you can call on a professional when your vehicle is stranded. You’ll find a lot of providers will even pay to fix your car as part of this plan.


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