Ways to Carry a Bicycle on Mazda 3


The weekend is here, and you have decided to go cycling on a trail far from home. How do you carry your bike and your partner’s on your Mazda 3?

Well, this model is not the largest one around, and this may present a challenge when it comes to hauling your bicycles from one location to the next. However, you’ll be glad that there are several options you could use to move your bikes to your perfect cycling trail.

Keep on scrolling to understand some of the means available and the one that works best for you.

Ways of Transporting Bikes by Mazda 3

Without wasting time, let’s check out the different methods that you could use to transport your bicycles safely on your Mazda 3. These methods include:

I)Inside the Car

First, you need to understand that you use your car’s interior for the hauling only if you have one bike to transport. It involves putting the back seats down before removing the bicycle’s front wheel to store it in the boot. With that, your bike will fit well in your car.

Keep in mind that you will need to restrain the bike in the car since anything that is always shifting could be catastrophic to those in the vehicle in case your vehicle comes to a sudden stop or has a change of direction.

  1. II) A Roof Rack

A bike roof rack is another easy way of carrying your bike on your Mazda 3. These bike racks are available in different designs, with some designed to take only one bike while others hold multiple. In addition to that, bikes have to be disassembled on some racks while others can accommodate them as a single unit.

Then, some racks hold bikes upside down while some can keep them upright.

However, with a roof-mounted rack, you will have to think about things like the wind conditions on the highway, driving through areas with height restrictions or low-hanging tree branches, or roads with sharp bends.

III) Clip-on Rack

This type of rack uses clips and straps to develop a stable platform over the rear screen and boot where you can carry your bikes. Such a rack is easy to install and remove, plus it gives you quick access to your bicycles.

However, the bike frames are prone to rubbing against the rack bars, which may result in scraping off the paint. Further, the rack obstructs the rear-view mirror, which the driver needs for accurate and safe driving.

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What is the cheapest way to carry a cycle in a car?

If you cycle to work and you are looking at about 60 miles a day. That is roughly 3 hours a day, which is about 21,200 miles a year. This works out to be 4.83 miles every day.

So what is the best way to cycle in a car at a cheap cost? There are a few different options.

For example, there are best roof racks and truck bed bike racks which would work well. These can carry between two and 4 bicycles. The issues with these racks are cost and the fact that not everyone can put them on their car, e.g. you may have the roof bars on your car but they are useless as long as the car is up to two meters long.

# The cost of car racks is $30 or more each. If you are unlucky then you may have to buy two racks because one rack is not enough.

# Another method is to buy a rear airbag extender. These cost around $100 and are a little over 3 feet in length and film at the back.

# Another option is the backseat attachment. These attach to the back of your car and are like a strap which you attach to your bicycle.

# Lastly, you can buy a seat bag. These can either be bought directly from car brands or on ebay or amazon. They are pretty cheap.

The benefit of these is that they can be used in multiple vehicles as they all have universal fitting. They also have the added benefit that unlike a trailer, they do not take 15 minutes to attach and remove.

They are helpful because they take up less space in your car and can be removed within seconds. They also provide a barrier between you and your car in case of an accident. That way you will have a more minimal damage.

The main issues that, they suffer from is the fact that they are expensive. The cost, per person per bike, is about $30. This is not cheap at all.

The limitation with the backseat attachments and seat bags are that there is not enough space. If you live by yourself then you will probably only need to transport 1 bike at a time. For those who are part of a couple or a family then it may become hard.

It may not even be practical.

So should you buy a car rack? If you cycle a lot and you already intend to cycle a lot, then go for it!

Look at all the different ways you can carry your bike in a car. Whichever method is best depends on your needs and preferences. Many people will opt for cycling on their bikes, while others will want to ride their bike on top of the car.

None of these methods are easy to master, but each comes with its own pros and cons, so pick the ideal solution for you. Don’t count only money as a primary reason to avoid a good fit method for you. By visiting claspauto.com you can read more bikes on car related articles.

Final Verdict

As you can see, it is possible to move bikes on your Mazda 3, even with its small size. All the methods we have discussed above have their pros and demerits, and it’s up to you to choose the one with the right balance.

Once you figure out how to carry your bike safely on your small car, you can go ahead and enjoy some cycling in the sun to enhance your physical fitness.

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