All You Should Know About Tennessee Lottery Official App


If you’re a fan of lotteries and games, and you crave to win a massive reward, you’ve probably already heard about the official Tennessee lottery! Tennessee lottery offers you a wide range of games. You can play either drawing-style or instant games. It’s all based on numbers that you can either pick or have the computer generate for you. If the winning numbers are the same as the ones of your choice – you win! Simple and easy.

Now, the Tennessee education lottery corporation offers you an official app, where the playing is even more convenient. You have more possibilities to play from wherever you are and connect with the lottery even more. If you still haven’t installed the app, read a quick introduction to its possibilities, and enjoy your playing!

View Winning Numbers

One of the games of the TN lottery is Powerball. The game is worth playing as you can win different cash prizes, including a multimillion-dollar jackpot! In the Powerball lotto, you just pick the five numbers from 1 to 69 and one number from 1 to 26, add a powerplay if you want to multiply the win, buy a ticket and wait for the result!

Then you need to check Tennessee Powerball winning numbers or just log into the app to check it. What’s more, with the app you can see the past winning numbers, which can help you in picking the ones of your choice in the other games, and estimate which ones can be those that win a prize. Aside from Powerball, in the app, you can analyze the winning numbers of Mega Millions, Lotto America, CASH 4 LIFE, Tennessee Cash, Cash 4, Cash 3, and KENO To Go.

Scanning the Tickets

If you’re in a rush, now you can use the camera in your phone and check if you’re a winner just by scanning the QR code on your paper ticket. Another option to check it is to use the in-store ticket checker.

With the app, you don’t even need to check the winning numbers and compare them to yours. You don’t even need to use the store scanner. You can quickly do that from wherever you are in no longer than 30 seconds, provided that you have a working internet connection.

Find a Retailer Near Me

The app offers you a map with the retailers’ locations where you can find the closest retailer to purchase your ticket to Tennessee lotteries. These vending machines are localized in convenient localizations, so you don’t need to go across the city to take part in the game. Just turn on your GPS, use the retailer locator, and go straight to your destination.

VIP Account

With a VIP account, you have more possibilities to win than on the regular TN lottery! The main advantage of creating a VIP Rewards Account is that you can gather points as a member. The points are of value equal to the prize of the ticket you’ve bought earlier. If you pay $5 for the ticket, you’ll have 5 points on your app.

What do the points give you? The more points you have, the easier it’ll be for you to enter the draws. By entering the draws, you can win bigger prizes. Now, the entry to draws is dependable on your ranking in the game, and your position is as high as your score. Hence, if you gather plenty of them in the app, you can enter more rewarding draws and play for higher rewards.

Moreover, the VIP Account gives you access to all the news about nationwide and Tennessee lotteries. You don’t have to follow the info about promotions and offerings. The app will keep you up to date about any new lotteries and promotions with push notifications.

Hit the Jackpot

The app enables you to see all the available games and their jackpots. If you can’t decide which game should be your next pick, you can easily log in to the app, see all the instant games that you can play on the go, and choose the most rewarding one. All the info about jackpots in each of the offered games is gathered in one place. You don’t need to look anywhere further.


If you want to have the full experience of the Tennessee Lottery, install the app, and play from wherever you want. It has never been so fast and easy to see the winning numbers and enter the draws. The app increases your chances to win the prize because you can easily save your lucky numbers and estimate which ones would win.

You can install it either on Android or Apple, and it’s free to download. If you’ve already become a member on the website, don’t worry – you can transfer your account to the application. It’s easy, fast, and makes your way to winning much shorter!


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