Can’t Travel Abroad? Best Ideas for a UK Holiday


If you live in the UK and you don’t have the budget to travel to different countries around the world, a good alternative for you to get your travel fix is to go to places in your country that you have never visited before.

There are several locations in the UK that offer different sights and attractions for you and your loved ones who may want to go on a trip with you. You can go to these towns or cities by backpacking, or you may want to hire a campervan via Campervan Hire UK so that you can have a motorhome while going on a road trip. To get you started in planning and scheduling your trip, here are ten of the best ideas for a UK holiday.

Visit Warwick Castle

One of the most common ideas that locals think about is visiting the Warwick Castle in Warwick. From there, you will be able to explore the exterior and the interior of the large castle, and you may even be able to see one of the largest catapults in the world if you are able to navigate your way in the building. After visiting the castle, you may want to stay at the Knight’s Village, which will make you feel like you are resting at an inn during medieval times.

See the Stonehenge

Located in Wiltshire, Stonehenge is a peculiar man-made structure that is constructed during ancient times using large slabs of stones. Until today, no one knows exactly how the people in that period were able to carry large and heavy stones up the hill, which further amplifies the weirdness of the monument. You can take photos of Stonehenge, and you may also examine the stones that were used to build it.

Go for a Robin Hood Tour

In Nottingham, you can sign up for a special Robin Hood tour, wherein Ezekiel Bone, the ambassador for the VisitBritain 2016 campaign, acts as the heroic character while taking you on tour around the town. From the tour, you will be able to visit notable sights in Nottingham, like the Green’s Windmill and the Sundown Adventureland, which is a theme park dedicated to bringing joy and laughter to kids and parents who are visiting the area.

Visit the Harry Potter Film Sets

Although the Harry Potter movie franchises ended several years ago, you can relive its magic by visiting the locations where filming took place in some scenes in the movies. Two of these Harry Potter locations are found within Oxford, and these are the Christ Church College, where the Great Hall of Hogwarts is located, and the Divinity School, which has a large room that used as the infirmary in the movie franchise.

Go Bowling at Lane 7

One of the best and most popular bowling alleys in the UK is Lane 7, located in Birmingham. In Lane 7, you will be able to play bowling with your friends, and you can also sing at karaoke stands situated in the building. Along with these activities, you and your loved ones can enjoy playing beer pong and video games installed in retro arcade cabinets. Once you are done having fun at Lane 7, there are several hotels in Birmingham where you can stay for the night, so you won’t have to go home after a night of playing and partying.

Visit the Titanic Trail

To know more about the tragic history of the Titanic, you can visit Southampton, which is the area where the ship was first situated before going on a voyage towards New York City. In Southampton, you can follow the Titanic Trail, a road that connects the places where the people who were on the ship stayed before going inside the Titanic. Besides the Titanic Trail, there is also the SeaCity Museum that shows not only the history of the infamous ship but also the different boats and marine life found around Southampton.

Take a Picture of the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Found in Bristol, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is an amazing structure designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who is also the engineer behind some of the most iconic buildings and structures in the UK. To get a better view of the magnificent bridge, you can climb up the hill around it and take a photo of the structure while admiring the view of Bristol as well. While you are in Bristol, you may also take a look at the artworks done by Banksy, an anonymous artist who is said to be living within the town.

Drop By the Charles Dickens Museum

If you are planning to go to Portsmouth to see the Spinnaker Tower, you may also want to visit the Charles Dickens Museum if you are a fan of the famous author of classics like Tale of the Two Cities and Great Expectations. The museum is situated in a house that once belonged to Dickens, and inside, you will see several pieces of furniture and artefacts that were used by the author when he was living.

See the Largest Collection of Shoes in the World

The biggest collection of shoes in the world is found in Northamptonshire, inside a museum designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Not only will you see the collection inside the museum, but you will also learn more about the history of shoes and how they are made. Once you are finished taking a look at the shoes in the museum, you can go to Abington Park, where you can feel calm and relaxed while enjoying the sights filled with lakes, rivers, and lush trees.

Take a Look at the Oldest Working Clock in the UK

For history nerds, they may want to see the oldest working clock in the UK, which is found in the tower of Salisbury Cathedral. Built in 1386, the clock still functions thanks to the proper care of those living or working within the premises of the cathedral over the years. The cathedral also houses a spire that has more than 300 steps that you can climb to reach the platform at the top, where you can admire the interior of the building better.

There are many more attractions and locations that you can go to in the UK besides the ten that were mentioned above, so you don’t really have to go outside your country to have fun travelling. In addition, you will also be able to save more money when going to these places since you don’t have to buy a plane ticket, which can cost plenty of cash. You can just hire a campervan or go backpacking, and you are good to go for a fun and exciting trip.

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