RNR Refinish Leading the way for Mobile Car Paint Repairs in Brisbane

Having dents and scratches in a car is quite common, and while several people would just ignore these minor damages to their vehicle, there are some that would like to fix them and keep their car in pristine condition. For you to be able to fix damages in your car, you may need to call a service centre if you are not knowledgeable or properly equipped in car repairs.

If you are living in Brisbane, Australia, the best mobile car paint repairer who can fix minor panel and paint damage to your car is RNR Refinish. RNR Refinish is very well-known for their great quality mobile car paint repairs in Brisbane, but let’s take a look at what other services that they offer.

Mobile Bumper Repairs

For this service, the repairmen will come to your home or workplace so that you don’t have to go to their repair centre. Once the repairmen are able to inspect your vehicle, they can utilize plastic welding on the bumper that has cracks or dents, and they can also repair bumps on it via a heat reshaping technology. After using the repair tools, they will then apply paint and a clear topcoat on the previously damaged bumper to match its color and shine to the other parts of the car.

car dents caused by hail

Dent Repairs

Of course, dents on the car don’t just occur on the bumper, as they may appear in other parts of the vehicle as well. RNR Refinish also provides mobile repair for minimal or major dents, and they will do the same procedures as with the bumper repair.

Because of the extensive experience of their repairmen, RNR Refinish can fix car dents in just two or three hours, depending on the severity of the damage. These dents may sometimes chip some paint off of your car, so RNR Refinish may apply paint on the affected area after repairing the dents.

Scratch Repairs

Another noticeable damage that can appear on your car is a scratch, and people can see it even more if there are multiple scratches or a long and big scratch on the side of your vehicle. If you have scratches in your car, don’t worry, as RNR Refinish also provides scratch repairs that can be done using a mobile service. The repairmen will polish the scratch to make it as smooth as possible, and then they will apply paint and topcoat on the damaged areas to make it look like your car didn’t even get scratched at all.

For deeper scratches that may turn into cracks, they must perform plastic welding to prevent further damage to the affected areas. However, the repair fee may slightly go higher if there is more severe damage to your car, but RNR Refinish guarantees that the price of their service is reasonable and affordable.

Car Paint Repairs

If the damage on your car has already gone through the topcoat and into the paint, then the vehicle may actually need a paint repair or refinish. Similar to all their services, the RNR Refinish repairmen will come to your door and ask you if they can inspect the damage on your car. After inspection, they will then match the color of the paint with the color of your car using special equipment that blends colors well.

The paint that will be used for your car is the one that is recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Once the repairmen are sure that the paint already matches the color of the car, they will put the pain on the damaged surface and apply a clear topcoat on it once they are done with the painting process.

polishing the car

Car Polishing

Speaking of polishing, RNR Refinish offers a car polishing service where they can remove scratches and swirl marks on almost all parts of your vehicle to turn into a brand new-looking car. While car polishing would sometimes require many tools and items for it to be effective, you would be surprised to find out that the polishing service for RNR Refinish is mobile, like all the other services mentioned above.

By polishing your car, you will be able to add a little bit of protection on its exterior, and the fine scratches can also be fixed. RNR Refinish recommends that you polish your car regularly for maintenance and to prevent the buildup of swirl marks and scratches on it, or you can apply for their car polishing service if you really don’t have enough time to do the task.

Paint Touch-Up

If there are scratches, cracks, or dents in your car that has damaged its paint and color severely, you can apply for the RNR Refinish Paint Touch-Up service, which erases all the damages while being able to put the color back to specific areas on your car. Besides applying paint on the car, the repairmen will also coat your car with a paint protection formula that stays long enough for it to prevent scratches from appearing on your car in the future.

Alloy Wheel Repairs

The wheels are essential parts of your vehicle, and if they are damaged, you wouldn’t even be able to drive your car as there is the risk that the wheels may fall apart on the road. Thankfully, RNR Refinish also offers alloy wheel repairs, wherein they can inspect the wheels, fix any damages on them, and clean it to take out debris and dirt stuck on them. After the repairmen are done fixing your wheels, you will immediately notice that they look as good as new because of the excellent job that the workers did for your vehicle.

These are just some of the best services that RNR Refinish provides for its customers. Besides fixing damages on your car, they will even apply a coat of protection on it so that you won’t have to call them again for a long time, unlike other companies who may intentionally not apply protection on the vehicle for you to continue paying them for their services. In RNR Refinish, you are guaranteed the best service possible out of all repair centres in Brisbane.