Top 8 Sure-Fire Tips To Make An Attention-Grabbing Travel Video


Who doesn’t like to travel? The joy of traveling multiplies when you capture the thrilling experiences through the lens of your camera.

Showcasing those unforgettable moments with a great video gives you something to cherish for a lifetime while viewers can gain valuable insights to plan their trips.

Thinking about what goes into making a limelight-stealing travel video? Learn all you need to know to ready yourself for an amazing experience with the camera while enjoying your trip.

8 Simple Tips For Making A Show-Stopper Travel Video

A catchy travel video that resonates with the audience needs significant planning and careful execution. You can pull that off easily with the tips shared below.

1. Conduct Preliminary Research About Your Destination

Once you have finalized your vacation spot, carry out some research about the location with resources available online. This will help not catch you unaware of major things to cover after reaching the destination.

Prepare a list of all places of importance that will be covered in your video. If a proper plan is not in place, you risk ruining your vacation because you would be oscillating between the idea of capturing a location or not, which can put you under mental strain.

You can also watch online videos of other travelers to plan how you intend to give a distinctive feel to your creation.

2. Carry The Right Shooting Gear

Your camera will help make a bold statement about your travel instincts by capturing crisp, high-resolution footage that mesmerizes people. If adjustment of the shutter speed and other camera settings give you a scare, go for a lightweight, handy camera that automatically sets the best option.

Use a lens that facilitates wide landscape shots and allows discreet capturing of close-ups in zoom mode. Also, check the settings you are comfortable with and set the same as the default for the entire trip. Frequent setting changes can give an inconsistent, unprofessional look to your video.

You can have different pixel densities, resolutions, color modes, and frames-per-second sets for different footage types. Switch between them to create a surreal feel.

Don’t forget to carry a tripod to avoid shaky clips, a microphone for recording crisp audio, and SD cards to safely store the memory-guzzling footage until you return home.

3. Shoot In A Selective Way

If you start shooting everything that meets your eye, you will have a nightmarish time sorting the clips during editing. The mental weariness that can result from rummaging through footage can make you even discard parts that might interest the viewers.

Steer clear of this prospect by shooting selectively. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes and visualize if a particular shot thrills your senses. Shoot in natural light so that the attraction quotient of a landmark can be portrayed in its full glory.

4. Capture Shots From Different Angles

If a scenic view enthralls you and intuitively compels you to capture it, try shooting it from different angles so you can retain the best shot at the editing table. Multiple perspectives are always beneficial.

Experiment with different shot types. You can capture the fleeting views of a mesmerizing landscape while traveling in a vehicle.

Using slow spinning or time-lapse modes when you make videos can help get more attention to the scenes that can better engage viewers. Shoot when the natural light is optimum and do justice to the inherent beauty of the scene being captured.

5. Use A Good Editor To Enhance The Visual Appeal of Your Video

Once all your footage is ready, you have to put together the best shots and string them together in an aesthetically pleasing way. For this, you will need a good online video editor which offers different catchy special effects, seamless transitions, and other elements to enhance your video’s appeal.

After adjusting the atmospherics, narrate important things to the audience in a cool, friendly, and authoritative voice. Use a relevant and soft music score that’s soft on the ears to run in the background. Texts and sub-titles will help you highlight things that you think deserve viewers’ attention.

6. Cover Places That Excite Viewers’ Wanderlust

A potential visitor would look up to your video as a source of authentic information about everything relevant related to the vacation destination. Hence, to increase the appeal of your travel video, you need to give proper coverage to everything that can prove useful to your viewers.

A vacation means spending fun time away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Let your audience relish those precious moments by including details of the best hotels or resorts, amenities in the room, cheap airfares, joints where mouth-watering local delicacies can be savored, nearby places of interest, good deals, etc.

7. Narrate A Compelling Story

The attention span of your viewers is short. To keep them engrossed till the end of your video, you need to present the transitioning scenes in a fluid manner with a story dictating the flow. It need not be gripping, as spontaneity is integral to travel videos.

Weave a loose story and make your subjects complement the scenes in a seamless way. For example, if you are touring a spot where the sea laps the land, you can start with an early morning shot.

Showcase the sun majestically appearing on the horizon in its resplendent chariot of golden rays with fishermen departing for the sea in their canoes as silhouettes.

Switch next to the roaring seawater that washes the shore and leaves a trail of foam while receding. The scene can then shift to natural and manmade attractions, eateries, shopping paradises, etc.

8. Export The Edited Video in a High-Quality Format

Your video will only command the attention of viewers if nothing is blurry and the audio is crystal clear. For this, you need to export the edited travel video in the best quality at optimal resolution.

While uploading on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media channels, high quality will spontaneously earn you the praise of viewers.


The practical tips shared above must have equipped you with all the expertise and insights needed to create captivating and valuable travel videos.

Remember to focus more on the attractions of the destination rather than on yourself. Try to be innovative with your shots. Keep the suspense alive in each scene to keep the audience glued to your video.

Finally, watch the travel videos of others and figure out how you can surpass them in terms of the quality and value offered.


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